Kia Lee “I want to erase the nickname ‘Manroo pervert'”

Kia’s Lee Yi-ri “I want to erase the nickname ‘Man Roo'”


In professional baseball, when the bases are loaded, you’d expect the batter to have an advantage.

However, there are stories that KIA’s left-handed pitcher Lee Yi-ri intentionally creates a situation where the bases are loaded and uses it as an opportunity.

Reporter Park Soo-joo met with Lee, who has been nicknamed the “bases-loaded pervert.


Lee took a break from the second team due to a slump.

In his comeback game on the 8th, he struck out eight batters in five innings, setting the stage for his team’s complete game victory.

In particular, he seemed to have shaken off his pitching anxiety as he reduced his walks to two.

‘Iriari Challenge’. A phrase that has been circulating among baseball fans, referring to Lee’s ability to get out of a bases-loaded jam with consecutive strikeouts.

This has led to the nickname “the bases-loaded pervert,” which Lee would like to erase.

“I think the fans gave me that (nickname) because they were upset, but it’s my goal to do a good job so that it goes away. (Am I a thrill-seeker?) No. Not really.”

One player he’d like to emulate is right-hander Max Scherzer, who held the major league records for most wins and most strikeouts in the 2010s.

“(Max Scherzer) is cool on the mound, and he makes a lot of bold moves and things like that, so I like him a lot, and I think I need to make some plays like that, so I watch him a lot.”

In Korea, Yang Hyun-jong, a “luxury lefty” from the same team, is his role model.

“I want to be a steady player like Yang Hyun-jong.”

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, where he will be wearing the Korean flag for the third time, Lee vows to start and help his team win.

“First of all, I want to win a gold medal, and I think the fans will like me a lot if I don’t let my guard down and play my best until the end.”


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