‘National hitter’ Lee Seung-yup “scored 50 points in the first half of his debut season”

After finishing ninth and out of the top five last season, the Korean baseball team Doosan finished the first half of the season with nine straight wins and a third-place finish.

At the center of it all is Lee Seung-yeop, a rookie manager with a national batting title.

Reporter Heo Sol-ji caught up with Lee halfway through his first season as a manager.

One man stands between first and second base in “nongun fashion,” with stockings down to his knees and a glove.

This is Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, a rookie manager who stays by his players’ side during off-season training.

[Lee Seung-yeop/Doosan manager: “Actually, I’ve been struggling since April, but it’s good to win baseball after all.”]

The first four months of the national hitter’s managerial career were not easy.

He didn’t shy away from harsh protests, gave instructions with a serious expression, and occasionally responded to heart gestures.

Despite his busy schedule, the most he said to the 메이저사이트 players was this!

[Coach Lee Seung-yeop/Dusan: “If the team’s batting wasn’t good, I’d say, ‘Hit it today.’ If you can’t hit it today, ‘Let’s hit it tomorrow!'”]

This ‘positive leadership’ revived the cohesion of the batting lineup centered on Yang Seok-hwan and Yang Ji, and led to a nine-game winning streak in July.

The first half report card is 3rd place, but what about the managerial report card that Lee Seung-yup gives himself?

[Coach Lee Seung-yup/Dusan: “In terms of points, can I give myself 50 points? There are some matches that I lost due to my mistakes, so I’m reflecting on them, and I’ll make up the remaining 50 points in the second half.”]

Starting with the second half of the series against KIA, the team’s second-best winning percentage in July after Doosan, manager Lee Seung-yeop puts his determination into five words.

[“(How is the manager?) Great. (Player vs. manager?) I like the players. (Doosan’s strength?) Strong teamwork. (This season’s goal?) Korean Series!”]

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