After back-to-back losses, Kang Dong-hoon says, “I couldn’t do it. We lost because we couldn’t.”

KT Rolster suffered a bitter defeat against Reef Sandbox in game two of the sixth day of the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split at Jonggak Roll Park on Friday. KT Rolster was unable to overcome ReB Sandbox, who rallied around Kim “Willer” Jung-hyun, and became the second victim of the sandstorm.

“I couldn’t” were the first words of head coach Kang Dong-hoon in the post-match interview. “We lost because we didn’t play well, and we have a lot to reflect on,” Kang said. Regardless of the outcome, the shortcomings that I had instructed and emphasized in practice came out in the first and third sets. I am disappointed in that part, and I think I should reflect on it. I think we need to be wary.” He was harsh in his criticism.

When asked what went wrong, he said, “There are too many to name. I’ll just say it in bold: communication. There was a lack of communication between the players before the objective. We didn’t have to give them the angles of the fights. We had a clear idea of how to communicate, but the fact that we created that situation is a problem. The third set left a lot to be desired.”

“There are a lot of picks in the tournament that are easy to do early on. We’re trying to change it up a little bit and try different things in practice and see how practice and competition are different. Caitlin is a card that we can play well at any time. We can always count on Kim ‘Aiming’ Haram to pick her first because she’s so good at it.”

When asked why Caitlin is so highly valued in the LCK, he said, “When you play Caitlin, the moment you have an accident or stop growing, the game can go sideways.” “She is a pick that shines when she rolls the snowball well, using her initiative and arm length to gain advantage in lane fights as well as mid-top line swaps. The LCK seems to value that.”

Finally, Coach Kang said, “I would like to apologize to the supporters for showing a lot of disappointment. I tried really hard and had fewer problems in practice, and I thought I had improved, but I came out again in the tournament today. I will do my best to improve and show a better performance.” 고스톱 He concluded the interview with a promise.

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