Women’s Basketball BNK Coach Park Jeong-eun Raise Sixth Man

Women’s basketball BNK coach Park Jeong-eun “I’m going to raise a sixth man… I need to focus on the basics”

Jin An from Taiwan “I told my family to ‘prepare my heart’ after the Jones Cup was decided”

Busan BNK women’s basketball coach Park Jeong-eun said,

“It was a good thing to show off our basketball,” but said, “Through this tournament,

we will raise a sixth man other than the best 5.”

BNK beat the Iranian national team 87-44 in the first leg of the 42nd William Jones Cup

held at Heping Gymnasium in Taipei, Taiwan on the afternoon of the 5th.

Coach Park

Coach Park Jeong-eun said in an interview after the match, “As I represented Korea,

I thought I should show a good performance with pride.”

He said, “It seems that Taiwanese players and Korean players have similar play styles,

probably because Taiwan and Korea are close together.”

“Taiwanese and Korean women’s basketball are going through a difficult time globally,

and if we make mutual efforts and continue exchanges,

I think we will create good synergy to develop each other,” he added. 안전놀이터

Coach Park pointed out, “I told them to play our basketball without adjusting to the opponent, and that part went well.”

“Since it’s an international competition, I think inexperienced players are bound to be nervous,” he said.

Director Park said, “I emphasized the basics the most.

I think the tension will be relieved by rebounding and defending,” he said.

“The goal is to win, but I hope it will be a tournament where everyone can grow.”

Jin An

Jin An, who was naturalized as a Korean citizen from Taiwan in high school,

started as a center that day and finished 17 minutes and 27 seconds.

He recorded 6 points and 3 rebounds before leaving the court on 5 fouls with 5:48 left in the 3rd quarter.

Jinan smiled broadly, saying, “As soon as BNK’s participation in the Jones Cup was decided at the end of last season,

I contacted my grandmother and grandfather and told them to prepare their minds to watch (the granddaughter’s) game.”

Regarding the performance of Jinan, who was ejected from the court in the third quarter,

Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said, “Jinan is an insatiable friend.

He seemed to have a desire to do better.”

Jinan, who was in charge of everything from the team’s entry into Taiwan to the snacks,

smiled broadly, saying, “I thought I could do this when I retire.”

“I don’t think being a guide is bad either.”

Manager Park Jeong-eun also helped by saying, “Jin An not only recommended the schedule but also recommended Taiwanese food,”

adding, “I don’t think the players will have a hard time with food.”

BNK has four games left.

Jinan hoped, “It would be nice if I could win all the remaining games,

but I hope I can return to Korea without getting hurt.”

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