The oldest Korean delegate to the Hangzhou AG 73year-old Lim Hyun

Cycling Na Na-rim, fencing Koo Bon-gil win AG record 5 golds
Swimming’s Park Tae-hwan, fencing’s Nam Hyun-hee win a record six medals
Koo Bon-gil and Hajimin, sailing, won three consecutive AG titles with their families

Im Hyun (73)

Is the oldest Korean to compete at the 19th Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, which kick off on June 23. He is 62 years younger than Kim Sa-ra (11), 한국야동 who is the youngest representative.

According to the information released by the Korean Sports Ministry on March 12, Lim was born on March 28, 1950, and will compete in bridge, a card game at the Games. The youngest athlete, Kim Sa-ra, was born on November 5, 2011, and will compete in chess. Both the oldest and youngest athletes will compete in mind sports.

Cyclist Na Na-rim

(33, Samyang) and fencer Koo Bon-gil (34, Korea Sports Promotion Organization) are the most decorated athletes on the roster with five gold medals at the Asian Games.

Na swept four gold medals at the 18th Jakarta-Palembang 2018 Games in the individual road, road solo, madison and team pursuit events. Koo won two gold medals in the individual and team pursuit events at the same Games. With at least two gold medals at the Games, the pair will have the honor of being the most decorated South Korean Asian Games athletes of all time. The current record for most gold medals is six, held by Park Tae-hwan in swimming and Nam Hyun-hee in fencing.

At the same time, Koo Bon-gil joined sailor Hajimin (34-Haeundae-gu Office) in the record books with three consecutive gold medals. 성인웹툰 The men’s baseball team also tied the record with three consecutive gold medals.

In swimming

Men’s diving’s Woo Haram (25-Korea Sports Promotion Organization) became the most decorated Asian Games medalist with three silver and five bronze medals, while men’s hammer thrower Lee Yoon-cheol (41-Yeongseong County Government) became the most prolific competitor with 14-19 events.

The height and weight of the athletes varied by 52 centimeters and 94 kilograms, respectively. Men’s basketball’s Kim Jong-kyu (32-207 centimeters) and women’s artistic gymnastics’ Im Soo-min (16-150 centimeters) had the largest height differences. At the same time, Im, who was the lightest athlete at 41 kilograms, had the largest weight difference with men’s weightlifter Lee Ji-sang (29-135 kilograms).

The Games also saw a record number of family members compete. Climbing coaches Seo Jong-guk and Seo Chae-hyun (The North Face Climbing Team-Seoul City Hall), cycling prodigy Lee Joo-mi (husband and wife), softball coaches Bae Na-hye and Bae Yoo-ga (sisters), diving athletes Kim Young-nam and Kim Young-taek (brothers), 19가이드03 and track and field athletes Han Se-hyun and Han Doo-hyun (twin brothers) also competed side by side.

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