Korean Athletes Arrive at the Final Battle Site, Hangzhou

[Asian Games] Korean Athletes Arrive at the Final Battle Site, Hangzhou… More Than 50 Gold Medals

Director Choi Yoon “Bringing happiness to the people through sports”…

Kwon Soon-woo “We must overcome China’s home advantage with our skills”

The opening ceremony will be held on the 23rd…

Full-scale medal competition begins on the 24th

After a year of postponement, the main team of the Korean athletes who will participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games,

which opens on the 23rd, arrived in Hangzhou, China, the site of the final match, on the 20th.

Korean Team

The main body of the Korean team, led by General Manager Choi Yoon,

departed for China through Incheon International Airport on this day, 카지노사이트

entered the arrival hall of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport with bright expressions.

Korea will dispatch 1,140 athletes, the largest number ever,

to compete in 39 sports at the Hangzhou Asian Games,

which will begin on the 23rd and run through October 8 in six cities,

including Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, China.

The players are heading to China sequentially according to the competition schedule for each sport,

the team that arrived in Hangzhou on this day included 14 members of the tennis team,

including Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall), 17 members of the shooting team,

22 members of the hockey team, and 7 members of the skateboarding team.

35 headquarters executives, including Director Choi Yoon and National Team Athletes Village Director Jang Jae-geun, also arrived in Hangzhou on this day.

Director Choi Yoon

Director Choi said, “I arrived in Hangzhou amidst the support and welcome of many people.”

He added, “All 1,140 people participating in the competition tried to achieve their dreams.

They also have their own stories.

The people are very supportive and support Korea.

“I hope you will shout out,” he said.

In this competition, the Korean team set a goal of winning up to 50 gold medals and finishing third in the overall ranking.

At the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang five years ago,

Korea ranked third overall with 49 gold medals, 58 silver medals, and 70 bronze medals.

Director Choi Yoon said, “We prepared hard to win more than 50 gold medals.

“Our players have that much ability,” he said.

“No matter what the results are, I hope many people will be happy through sports.”

“I hope both the people and the players are happy,” he emphasized.

Kwon Soon-woo

Kwon Soon-woo, a leading star of Korean tennis, said, “Wu Yibing,

who is from Hangzhou, may have an advantage,

but if he can overwhelm his opponent with his skills,

the location will not be a big problem.”

He added, “I prepared really hard to participate in the singles and doubles at this Asian Games.

“I want to achieve good results,” he said.

Moon Kang-ho (Gangwon Province Roller Sports Federation), who was born in April 2011 and is the second youngest member of the Korean team, said, “I’m really excited,”

with a clear expression appropriate for his age,

but added, “I want to promote the charm of skateboarding to our country.

My goal is to advance to the finals.” He said firmly.

Kwak Jun-hyuk (KT Rolster) of e-sports FIFA Online 4,

who arrived in Hangzhou on a different flight from them,

said, “Our goal is to win the first e-sports gold medal in Korean history,”

added, “China will have an advantage playing at home, but we will do our best to achieve a good result.”

“I will pay,” he pledged.

Korea Sports Council

Lee Ki-heung, president of the Korea Sports Council,

said at Incheon International Airport before the athletes departed the country,

“The most important thing is for the athletes to travel safely and without incident.

There were many difficulties due to the postponement

due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic, but the athletes honed their skills.

“I hope you can show your full potential,” he said.

Chairman Lee said, “We are receiving reports” about some difficulties in local operations,

such as whether the soccer training ground was opened to the public.

“There may be such issues before the competition begins in earnest,

but I think it will go well after the opening ceremony.”

The Korean team’s match schedule had already started the day before, on the 19th.

The men’s national soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong recorded the first win for the entire Korean team by winning 9-0,

led by a hat trick from Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart),

in the first match of Group E against Kuwait held at Jinhua Stadium in Zhejiang Province, China on the afternoon of the 19th.

On the 21st, the second match of the men’s soccer group stage against Thailand and the second match of the men’s volleyball preliminary round against Cambodia will be held.

The medal race will begin in earnest on the 24th, the day after the opening ceremony.

The swimming team, including Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Provincial Office),

will enter the country on the 21st and compete in the medal race starting on the 24th.

Sunwoo Hwang will compete with Fan Zhanle (China) for the men’s 100m freestyle championship on the 24th.

The Korean team is scheduled to participate in the official arrival ceremony on the morning of the 21st.

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