‘SSG Good News’ Home Run Hitter Defense Training

SSG Landers Home Run Hitter Defense Training “Includes Junpo Entry Unconditionally”

Good news for the SSG Landers as they prepare for the semi-playoffs. Core hitter Choi Jung-jeong is on track to be ready for the postseason.

Choi recently had to end the regular season a little early due to a left hamstring injury. She finished the season second in home runs. With 29 home runs, Choi fell two short of winning the home run title, but he did win the individual title with the highest on-base percentage (.548).

Choi was unable to play normally during the final third-place fight. However, he recently resumed training again. At the time of the injury, I was told that the pain would get better in as little as seven days, and that I would be fully recovered in up to 10 days. Now that that time has passed, Choi is feeling much better.

Choi picked up the bat again. She’s been taking batting practice since the 17th with controlled intensity. The SSG team had a day off on the 18th after finishing their regular season schedule, and on the 19th they held a team training session at Landers Field, where Choi also took batting practice with his teammates. Still not 100%. An SSG team official said, “We’re still working on our batting practice with controlled intensity. Fortunately, it is getting better and better, so we are gradually increasing the intensity.”

Fielding training also started on the 19th. He is cautious because the pain was in his hamstring, but fortunately, he is speeding up his recovery. 카지노사이트넷 The first leg of the semi-finals will be held on April 22 in Incheon. SSG had four days to prepare, and Choi Jeong-jeong is expected to be available from the first game. Coach Kim Won-hyung, who watched the players train, said, “Choi Jung is definitely in the roster. There will be no problem with traveling.”

Choi’s inclusion in the lineup with his normal physical condition alone makes a difference. With four days of preparation time, SSG had a chance to recover from fatigue and maintain their game sense. Now it’s just a matter of preparing for the game against the winner of the wild card decider. The return of Choi Jeong-jeong gives the center of the batting order an extra boost.

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