“One mistake led to a run.”

“One mistake led to a run.”

Gurin-Liu Yang (23-Tung Yi Lions) pitched 6⅔ innings against Japan in the first round of the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) Qualifier at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on April 16, giving up one run on three hits (one home run) with two strikeouts and four walks. Her total pitch count was 86.

Gurin-Liu Yang has also been a nightmare for South Korea. He pitched two innings of one-hit ball in relief against South Korea in a preliminary game at the Hangzhou Asian Games in early October.

He shut down the Japanese bats until the fifth inning.

Japan’s starting lineup was Yuki Okabayashi (center field), Kaito Konozawa (shortstop), Shota Morishita (left field), Shogo Maki (first base), Teruaki Sato (third base), Chusei Mannami (right field), Shogo Sakakura (catcher), Makoto Kadoki (second base), and Yuto Akihiro (designated hitter).

From the first through the fifth innings, 먹튀검증 not a single Japanese batter reached first base. In the top of the sixth inning, Kadoki doubled, but the inning ended without a run.

The seventh inning was the “odd man out.

A low 152-kilometer fastball to leadoff hitter Kozono was called a technical hit. A stolen base jersey cleared the bases, but a 150-kilometer fastball from 1B with Morishita at the plate went high. Morishita didn’t miss it and homered. After getting the next out on an infield grounder, Gurin-Liu Yang walked off the mound with 86 pitches.

Morishita’s home run set the tone for Japan, which scored three runs in the ninth inning to secure a 4-0 victory.

While Japan was the victor, the postgame press was all about Hsiao-hsien’s pitching.

“I don’t need to talk about her pitching,” said Taiwan head coach Chen Chin-feng after the game. He pitched well until the seventh inning. It’s enough to give her 100 points.” He continued his praise.

“I felt a lot of pressure against the Japanese batters, both left and right-handed batters, and I tried to avoid long balls,” said Gurin-Liu Yang.

South Korea will face Japan on Sunday. Korea’s starting pitcher will be Lee Yi-ri (KIA). “Lee Yi-ri is the best left-handed pitcher in Korea,” said Ryu Jung-il, 카지노사이트 the Korean national team manager. There are many left-handed batters in Japan.”

The Japanese bats came alive in the ninth inning.

However, if Yi Li can keep the inning going as long as Gulin Liyang, the team can still hope to win.

Gurin-Liu Yang was asked by Japanese reporters how she was able to keep the Japanese batting lineup in check until the fifth inning. “The best part was that I put my pitches in good spots and at good points,” she said.

Japan coach Hirokazu Ibata said, “She’s a pitcher who can make pitches in the strike zone. Even in the middle of the plate, she was able to find the strike zone.”

While her 154 mph fastball could overwhelm opponents, her sharp delivery meant she was able to go the distance.

The Japanese batter she felt most strongly about was Morishita, who hit a home run. That’s because he didn’t miss a pitch. “I think my pitches were good throughout the game, but then that ball (the home run) came out. One mistake led to a run. That’s the scary part.” In the end, it was a lesson for the Japanese batting lineup, with its finesse and power, that one mistake can lead to defeat.

Liu also emphasized the importance of pitches. “I think Lee will do a good job if he has a good delivery,” Liu said, “The ball is fast when I see it. When his pitches are good, he can’t hit them well. We will observe whether his pitches are good or not from the first inning tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, despite the relievers’ struggles in the ninth inning, Gurin-Liu Yang expressed his faith in his teammates. “I trusted my relievers today. I thought they could shut down the Japanese bats. They tried to give our offense a chance,” he said.

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