The possibility of Go Woo-seok going overseas

LG Twins closer Go Woo-seok has informed the organization of his intention to play overseas via a post. Due to the suddenness of his request, the Twins are now at a point where they need to clarify their position.

The possibility of Go Woo-seok going overseas was raised when Major League Baseball requested the status of Go Woo-seok along with Lee Jung-hoo on the 15th, and Go Woo-seok’s agent met with LG on the 16th to request the move. Go Woo-seok has seven years until this year to go overseas, and with the club’s permission, he can go overseas through a post.

Not only the team, but the entire baseball world is in a panic.

Lee Jung-hoo of the Kiwoom Heroes had previously expressed his intention to go overseas through a post after the end of this season, and the Kiwoom Heroes also showed their willingness to help. Overseas teams were well aware of this, 카지노사이트 which is why scouts from major league teams came to Kiwoom’s Arizona spring training camp in February this year to see him almost every day.

But Go made no such move.

Earlier this year, when the topic of a non-free agent multi-year contract came up, he expressed his dream of going overseas, but there was no talk of a post. The LG team hadn’t won a championship, so they weren’t in a position to send one of their key players to the post, so everyone, including the LG team, expected him to pursue overseas opportunities after he became a free agent after next season.

The situation is a little different now. Major League Baseball clubs ran background checks and showed interest in Goh, and LG won the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years. Now that LG has won the title, they have a little less incentive to hold on to him, even though they’ll have to try to win back-to-back titles next season.

However, there’s no history of unprompted free agent signings being successful, so it’s hard to be optimistic that he’ll sign with a major league team even if he’s allowed to leave the organization. His performance this season hasn’t been great either. There is no guarantee that posting will lead to a good contract. It could just be a publicity stunt to get his name in front of a major league team for next year’s free agency.

Woo-suk Ko has communicated his desire to play abroad to the team. Now it’s their turn. The decision is theirs.

For LG, which has finally reached the top, the dream of winning back-to-back championships is not something they can afford to lose. And the importance of a closer cannot be overemphasized. They need Go Woo-seok to win back-to-back titles.

If he goes to the postseason and gets a good contract, that would be great, but we also have to think about the possibility that he might not get good results and come back to LG. It’s his choice, but it’s never a good feeling for a team to have a player come back hurt.

Should LG allow Go Woo-seok to post or reject him?

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