Resumed construction of Gimhae Sports Complex for the National Games, suspended due to non-payment of construction costs

The new construction of Gimhae Sports Complex in Gyeongnam, which was under construction ahead of next year’s National Games, was suspended for a long time due to non-payment of construction costs, but construction resumed after resolving the issue between the companies.According to Gimhae City on the 22nd, the reinforced concrete construction of the stadium, which had been suspended due to non-payment of construction costs between Namyang E&C, the original contractor for the stadium, and its subcontractors, found a solution through an agreement between the companies to pay the construction costs.On the afternoon of the 20th, the original contractor and the subcontractor signed an agreement on the payment of construction costs, mediated by the city.The construction, which had been suspended for more than a month, resumed on the 21st. The suspension occurred when the subcontractor demanded additional construction costs from the original contractor.

Subcontractor workers have been rallying in front of Gimhae City Hall since the 9th of this month to protest wage arrears.Namyang E&C was selected as the prime contractor for the project to build the Gimhae Sports Complex through a design-build batch bidding method, and subcontractors for architecture, machinery, electricity, and firefighting are being selected by the company itself.Namyang E&C signed a subcontract with a company (Gwangju) from February 2022 and proceeded with reinforced concrete construction, but when the company was unable to continue the construction due to business difficulties, it signed a follow-up contract with another company (Busan) in July with a subcontract amount of 4.05 billion won.A city official said, “We will promote safe and uninterrupted construction and supervise it more thoroughly in the future so that there are no conflicts due to non-payment of construction costs between companies.”The project to build Gimhae Sports Complex, which will be the main stage for the 105th National Sports Games and the 44th National Para Sports Games next year, is a project to build a main stadium with a land area of 107,852㎡ and a gross floor area of 68,370㎡ and a parking building with a basement floor and two floors in Samgye-dong 1049-2 in the city.Construction began in June 2020 and is scheduled to 스포츠토토존 be completed in April next year.

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