Hwang Ui-jo Illegally Filmed Women Again…”Secretly Recording Video Calls”

Former soccer player Hwang Ui-jo, who has been accused of illegally filming women, has reportedly recorded another victim’s nude image, this time via video call.

According to YTN on Thursday, police recently secured statements from two women who claimed to have been victimized by Hwang while interviewing them.

One of the victims reportedly claimed that she learned later during the police investigation that she had been recorded exposing her body during a video call with Hwang in the past.

In response, police are reviewing the legalities of whether Hwang can be charged with storing and possessing pornography as well as illegal filming.

Earlier in the day, an official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said at a regular press conference, “The position (of Hwang’s side) that there was ‘hacking and organized crime’ in the process of leaking videos of Hwang’s private life is a one-sided claim.”

“I can’t say anything specific because the investigation and trial are ongoing,” he said, but added, “I think it’s a one-sided claim because we have a lot of solid evidence.”

Regarding the allegation that Hwang’s side committed ‘secondary harm’ by including the victim’s name in the statement, he said, “We are reviewing the law with various possibilities open, including prosecution.” “If a law firm or Hwang Ui-jo is responsible for secondary harm, we will investigate it extensively.”

Regarding an arrest warrant for Hwang, he said, “It’s too far-fetched at this point,” adding, “I think we need to investigate further.” 토토사이트

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