We’re good at five-set matches too! ‘Two wins in a row after five straight losses’ OK Financial Group continues ‘spring volleyball’ competition

Samsung Fire is the favorite in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division. After finishing last (7th) with 11 wins, 25 losses, and 36 points last season, they have been on fire this season with their incredible performance. With 14 wins (6 losses – 38 points) in 20 games, they are threatening the leaders Woori Card (15 wins, 5 losses – 42 points).

There is also a spice that makes Samsung Fire even more intense: ‘No losses in five-set matches’. Before the away match against OK Financial Group on the 2nd, they had won all five full-set matches. The perception that “playing a five-set match against 토토사이트 Samsung Fire is a disadvantage” filled the V-League.

However, it wasn’t just Samsung Fire. OK Financial Group was not afraid of full-set matches either. They picked up two wins against Hyundai Capital and one against KB Insurance. Their only loss came against Woori Card on December 3 last year. OK Financial Group, which had been doing well until then, collapsed after that game. They went 0-3 in the next five games. The third-round loss was painful, but the lethargic performance without winning a single set was even more shocking.

Fortunately, OK Financial Group ended a six-game losing streak by beating Korean Air 3-0 in their last match last year (December 29). Therefore, the home game against Samsung Fire on the 2nd was very important. It would be the difference between a downward spiral or a turnaround.

Samsung Fire took sets 1-4 and OK Financial Group took sets 2-3 to force a fifth set. OK Financial Group took a 12-9 lead and seemed to have it easy. However, Samsung Fire’s ‘five-set DNA’ stirred again. OK Financial Group scored the first 13 points, but they lost the tiebreaker and were on match point.

At this point, OK Financial Group also recalled their ‘five-set memories’. Head coach Masashi Ogino (Japan) had a simple order. The solution was found. Leo, who is in his third season with OK Financial Group, made two consecutive back attacks to tie the game at 15-15 and then hit a quick open and open attack to win the deuce at 16-16. Like the specialty ace that every libero in the V-League fears, Leo finished with 47 points and a high offensive success rate of 70.69% to hand Samsung Fire their first five-set loss of the season. The pure ball distribution of veteran setter Kwak Myung-woo, who has shaken off an injury, energized Leo after a brief slump.

With a comfortable two-game winning streak, OK Financial Group has restored its 10-10 record (27 points) and 5 percent winning percentage, and is still aiming for ‘spring volleyball’. With the destructive power of the ‘unstoppable’ Leo, combined with the current focus and tight defense, it is a dream that can be realized.

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