“COVID-19 special end” Jeju golf course users decrease by 400,000

The number of users of Jeju golf courses, which enjoyed special benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, decreased by 400,000 last year compared to the previous year. According to the ‘2023 golf course visitor status’ released by Jeju Island on the 11th, the number of users at 29 golf courses in Jeju last year was 2,415,970, a decrease of 14.3% (404,335 people) compared to 2,820,305 in 2022.

Among these, the number of domestic and foreign users other than Jeju residents was 1,416,969, a 21.4% decrease from 1,802,281 in the same period last year.The number of Jeju residents was 999,001, a 1.9% decrease from 1,018,024 in the same period last year. Analysis suggests that this is because, as overseas travel resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic and entering the endemic era, the number of golf tourists leaving for Southeast Asia and other countries increased.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeju golf courses were crowded with people who could not go on overseas golf trips.In 2020, the first year of the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of users of Jeju golf courses was 2,399,511, an increase of approximately 300,000 compared to the previous year, and in the following year, 2021, the number was 2,898,742, an increase of approximately 500,000 compared to the previous year.However, as social distancing measures were lifted in the second half of 2022 and overseas travel resumed, the number of golf course 온라인카지노 users in 2022 reached 2,820,305, and the increase stopped.

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