Jeju supports ‘Ground N Global Youth Soccer Stubrig in Jeju’

‘Legend’ Koo Ji-rae takes his foot off the pedal

Jeju United is actively supporting the ‘Ground N Global Youth Soccer Stubrig in Jeju’ to promote its home island of Jeju as a youth soccer mecca and expand sports exchanges with Asian countries.

The ‘Ground N Global Youth Soccer Stubrig in Jeju’ is being held from January 11 to January 20 at various soccer venues in Jeju City, including Jeju National University Stadium. The tournament is sponsored by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and co-organized by the Korea Professional Football Association and Nexon.

A total of 13 teams participated in the tournament, including Jeju’s U-15 team, Ulsan HD, Busan I-Park, Pohang Steelers, Suwon FC, Chungbuk Cheongju, and Seoul E-Land, as well as local teams such as Jeju First, and overseas youth teams such as Deren FC (Mongolia), Persib Bandung (Indonesia), Oita Trinata (Japan), and PVF (Vietnam).

The Ground N Global Youth Soccer Stobrig has been held since 2021 to support youth soccer and expand the sport’s reach. The last two editions were held in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, and this year’s edition was finalized in Jeju Island in August last year, following an active proposal by the Jeju club.

There are also differences. Unlike the previous tournaments, five youth teams from four countries – Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mongolia – participated in the tournament, which was not only an opportunity for sports exchange but also an opportunity to promote Jeju Island as the best place for winter training. In addition, the Jeju club will support exchange, education, tourism, and experience programs through discussions with the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Nexon during the tournament.

In addition to the Legends Class, which was held at the last tournament, domestic and foreign participants will be able to experience cultural tourism and 4.3 education unique to Jeju in a festival format. In addition, the festival will expand exchanges through the online game ‘FC Online’ operated by Nexon, the organizer, and group viewing of the Korean national team matches at the Asian Cup.

The 12th team, Jeju, has also stepped up to the plate: “Legend” Koo Ja-cheol will host a talk show for the youth players on January 14, the third day of the tournament. Koo, who visited Jeju Middle School (Jeju U-15 team) last year and served as an extraordinary mentor, will also deliver a message to the youth players in this talk show.

On January 15, Jeju FC also signed a business agreement between Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Nexon Korea, and Jeju United to continue the ‘Ground N Global Youth Football Stable in Jeju’ and expand sports exchanges with Asian countries, and plans to expand youth football support programs in the future.

An official from the Jeju club said, “We hope that by hosting the Ground N Global Youth Soccer Stubrig in Jeju, Jeju will become a mecca for youth soccer and training, and that international sports exchanges will expand. As the 12th player, we will do our best to play together with the participants, sponsors, and organizers.”


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