Chairman Bach and Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran visit Hoengseong Venue

Kim Myeong-ki met with Hoengseong County Governor and encouraged operational personnel. Snowboard Big Air Tour

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Bach and Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Mi-ran visited the Hoengseong Venue, where the snow games for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held, on the 28th to inspect facilities and encourage operating personnel. . 카지노사이트

Hoengseong County Mayor Kim Myeong-ki met with IOC President Bach

Chairman Bach and Vice Minister Jang visited the competition site at Welli Hilli Park in Dunnae-myeon along with Hoengseong County Mayor Kim Myeong-gi that day.

They encouraged the management staff and volunteers who worked hard to ensure the smooth running of the competition despite the difficulties of the cold wave.

County Governor Kim Myeong-ki shouts good luck with Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran

Next, we moved to the Snowboard Big Air Stadium and watched the youth athletes compete with the audience.

On this day, about 40 athletes participated and competed in the freestyle skiing and snowboarding big air competition held at Welli Hilli Park Stadium. 토토사이트 추천

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