Saudi coach ‘leave work early’ during penalty shootout: “I thought it was over”

Annual salary 37.4 billion won. When the world’s No. 1 ransom fell behind 2-3, the locker room suddenly criticized the “cowardly act of giving up as a player.”

Saudi Arabian national soccer team coach Roberto Mancini drew criticism for leaving the bench during the penalty shootout in the Asian Cup round of 16 against Korea on the 31st. Coach Mancini giving instructions to the ground during today’s game.

“This is behavior that is difficult to understand.”

Speaking after the Asian Cup round of 16 match between Korea and Saudi Arabia on the 31st, Saudi Arabian Football Association Chairman Yasser Al Misehal said, “I will ask the coach why he did that.” Roberto Mancini, coach of the Saudi national soccer team, drew criticism for leaving the bench and heading to the locker room before the game was over, the so-called ‘early departure’. Coach Mancini, whose annual salary is known to be $28 million (approximately 37.4 billion won), is the most expensive soccer coach in the world.

On this day, Coach Mancini left during the penalty shootout between the two teams. With Saudi Arabia, the leading team, trailing 2-3, Abdulrahman Gharib made the team’s second miss and turned around and headed to the locker room. I didn’t look back once until I entered the tunnel leading from the ground to the locker room. As a rare scene occurred, the TV broadcast camera continued to focus on the back of coach Mancini, rather than the goalkeeper during the penalty shootout.

It is very rare for a soccer coach to leave during a game. In particular, Coach Mancini is receiving more criticism for leaving the bench during a penalty shoot-out in a major tournament, which is a single-game match. Yasser Al-Qahtani, a former Saudi national team striker, called Mancini a “cowardly leader.” Commentator Didier Domi, who played for Paris Saint-Germain (France) and other clubs during his career, criticized “a coach who has given up on his players and is ready to leave.” At a press conference held after the game that day, a Saudi reporter also asked why he left the bench when the game was not over. Coach Mancini said, “I thought the game was over. “He had no intention of disrespecting anyone,” he said. 섯다

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