Feel-good drama, dark mystery films to hit box office in February

From left, posters for 'Picnic,' “Dead Man”  and “Dog Days' / Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment, PlusM and CJ ENM

February’s box office is set to be filled with diverse genres, from drama to a dark thriller and action blockbusters.Four films — the feel-good comedy “Dog Days,” the drama “Picnic,” the crime flick “Dead Man” and the action blockbuster “Argylle” — will be hitting theaters on Feb. 7 in time for the Lunar New Year holiday.Led by newcomer Kim Deok-min, the star-studded comedy flick “Dog Days” is an anthology about human-canine bonds. It follows the stories of a single man, Min-sang (Yoo Hae-jin), who grows closer with his veterinarian sotplayground tenant, Jin-young (Kim Seo-hyung), through dogs and a world-renowned architect Min-seo (Youn Yuh-jung) forming an unlikely friendship with a Gen Z delivery man, Jin-woo (Tang Jun-sang) after losing her dog.Meanwhile, a married couple, Sun-yong (Jung Sung-hwa) and Jeong-ah (Kim Yun-jin) settle in as a family with their adopted daughter with the help of a stray dog, and band leader Hyeon (Lee Hyun-woo) gets caught up in an awkward, strained situation when his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Henney) who shows up to see the girlfriend’s dog that he has been taking care of.

Three veteran actors, Na Moon-hee, Kim Young-ok and Park Geun-hyung, have joined hands for the drama film “Picnic.”The upcoming film revolves around Eun-sim (Na), a woman in her 80s who returned to her hometown after more than sixty years. She reunites with her old friends Geum-soon (Kim) and Tae-ho (Park), who have been living in their hometown. Leaving behind their concerns in life, the three embark on a picnic, which could be their last one, unraveling the past memories they share.”Picnic” is directed by filmmaker Kim Yong-gyun, who previously led the horror film “The Red Shoes” (2005) and the period film “The Sword With No Name” (2009).Director Hah Jun-won, who is known for co-scripting director Bong Joon-ho’s “The Host” (2006), is making a directorial debut with the movie “Dead Man.”

The crime thriller flick revolves around Lee Man-jae (Cho Jin-woong), who makes a living by lending his name to businesses. When he takes the last job before retiring as a professional CEO in name only, things go sideways. He finds himself falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won and being forced to fake his death, locked up in a private prison in China.Madam Sim (Kim Hee-ae), a political consultant, gets him out and offers him to clear his name. He returns to Korea to find the person who framed him and get his name back.Hollywood blockbuster “Argylle” will also be joining the Lunar New Year weekend box office race.Led by director Matthew Vaughn, known for the hit “Kingsman” film series, the spy action flick follows best-selling author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), who writes a novel about a global spy syndicate and the secret agent named Argylle. When her story mirrors the real-life covert actions, she must write the next chapter 슬롯게이밍 to find clues to locate a legendary real-life spy agent, Argylle (Henry Cavill).

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