LG beats KT to tie for second place…direct ticket to quarterfinal PO ‘within reach’

Changwon LG defeated Suwon KT to put the ‘second place’ spot directly into the four-team playoffs (PO) into doubt.

LG extended its winning streak to five games with an 87-76 victory over KT in a home game of the 2023-2024 regular season at Changwon Gymnasium in Changwon, Gyeongnam, on Nov. 11.

With a combined 30 wins and 17 losses, LG and KT are tied for second place. At this rate, 토토사이트 추천 LG will have the last laugh in the battle for second place.

The first- and second-place teams in the regular season will skip the best-of-six PO and advance to the best-of-four PO. Based on their head-to-head record, LG leads KT with four wins and two losses, so if they finish with the same record, LG will get a direct ticket to the quarterfinals.

KT, who seemed to be a shoo-in for second place, is in danger of slipping to third place at the end of the regular season due to a 1-4 record in its last five games.

LG’s victory makes it very likely that leader Wonju DB (37-10) will win the regular season title. Even in the event of a tie, DB has a very strong advantage.

If the two second-place teams win all seven of their remaining games and DB loses all of its games, the three teams will have the same 37-17 record, which will trigger subsequent variables such as head-to-head record.

LG has already lost to DB four times, and KT is also tied with two wins and three losses. Assuming a clean sweep, KT would have to win by more than 20 points against DB at Wonju Gymnasium on Thursday to have the edge in head-to-head goals in the event of a tie. That’s if DB wins at least one of their other games.

On this day, kt and LG were evenly matched at 33-36 at halftime, but the game tilted sharply in LG’s favor in the third quarter. LG’s charge leader Lee Jae-do scored 10 points and dished out four assists in the third quarter alone, and the lead grew to 18 points before the end of the quarter.

KT’s gunslinger Paris Bass scored nine points in the fourth quarter, but there wasn’t enough time left to turn the game around.

For LG, Lee Jae-do was the best performer with 22 points and nine assists. Asem Marey and Yang Hong-seok also contributed with 16 points and 10 rebounds and 17 points and 7 rebounds, respectively.

For KT, Bass led the way with 26 points and seven rebounds. Aside from Bass and Ha Yoon-ki (13 points), no one else scored in double figures.

Signature guard Heo Hoon was held to five points. Forward Moon Sung-gon, KT’s coveted free agent signing before the start of the season, was also held scoreless.

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