What does ‘Triple-Double’ Park Jun-young have to say to Park Ji-won as they face off in the D-League Finals?

“(Park) Ji-won, take it easy”

Suwon KT defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 103-69 in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 KBL D-League playoffs by 34 points on Wednesday at Icheon LG Champions Park. Park Jun-young (27, 195.3 cm) started and recorded a triple-double with 33 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists in 37 minutes and 15 seconds to lead the team to victory.

After the game, Park said, “It’s good to win. It was very disappointing to lose the last game against Hyundai Mobis (Feb. 15) in the D-League, so I’m glad we were able to win this game,” Park said after the game.

KT dominated Hyundai Mobis in rebounding (46-35), assists (29-23), and steals (9-1). Park Jun-young’s contribution to this process was significant. Not only was he responsible for his own scoring, but he also used his wide range of vision to make passes that saved his teammates’ lives. He also grabbed 13 of the team’s 46 rebounds, tying him with Lee Doo-won (7) and Park Chan-ho (7) in the height battle.

“I had a triple-double when I was a student at Korea University,” Park said. This is my first triple-double since college, so it’s even more meaningful. Before I turned 30, I achieved a triple-double again in my 20s. First of all, I want to thank my teammates. I’m going to buy them a meal,” he smiled.

The score was as wide as Park’s performance. Park was in fine form and was a force on offense and defense. His footwork was on point, the ball was crashing off the rim, and he looked increasingly relaxed as the game wore on.

“I’m in great shape,” Park said. There is only one final game left. I also have a first team game, so I will continue to work out. My trainer brothers always take care of the D-League players, and my coach is also working hard to manage my physical condition. Thanks to my coach and my trainer brothers, I didn’t give up and kept working on my physical condition,” he said.

Park Ji-won and Park Jun-young were the top scorers in Game 1 and Game 2, respectively. In an interview after Game 1, Park Ji-won revealed that she told her original team, KT, that she would “see you at the top”.

“I got a call from (Park) Ji-won. He asked me to buy him snacks (laughs). If he needs anything (from me) or if he’s bored sometimes, he calls me. We’re really close off the field. But when 바카라사이트 we play, we’re strangers. I won’t look down on her in the finals,” he said, declaring war on his final opponent Park Ji-won.

With the victory, KT will face Sangmu in the D-League playoff finals on Nov. 13. Will KT be able to stop the ‘D-League’s strongest team’ Sangmu, which is trying to win its 13th title in history?

Park Jun-young said, “Actually, Sangmu is not an easy opponent. However, they are not unbeatable. I think the final will depend on each other’s condition on the day. It’s the final, so we’ll play a final-like game,” said Park, who expressed his determination to win the title.

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