Choi Ji-man, with his unique friendliness, gets a green light to re-enter the big leagues focuses on Choi Ji-man, who is aiming for the opening game roster.
Choi Ji-man has established himself as the Mets’ mood maker. focused on Choi Ji-man (New York Mets), who participated in spring camp as an invited player to the American professional baseball minor league and is seeking to re-enter the Major League Baseball (MLB). introduced on the 18th (Korean time) that Choi Ji-man has established himself as a popular player for the new team Mets with his unique firepower.

Choi Ji-man is currently one of 10 players competing for a spot on the major league roster at the Mets spring camp. He is suitable as a left-handed batting agent targeting right-handed pitchers.

If included in the opening day roster, Choi Ji-man will receive a total of $3.5 million per year, including bonuses. reported that Ji-man Choi politely declined to be interviewed in English, but colleagues explained that Ji-man Choi speaks English to the point where he can joke freely.

Colleague Joey Wendle said, “Ji-man Choi understands a lot of English. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough to communicate. Ji-man Choi brings a lot of energy to the team and is very good at relationships with fans.”

Ji-Man Choi, who graduated from Dongsan High School in Incheon and moved to the United States, is a veteran who has played in the minor league since 2010 and debuted in the big league in 2016 as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.

Choi Ji-man, who has an optimistic and cheerful personality who always smiles and jokes with fans who ask for autographs, is loved not only for his slugging ability but also for his excellent defense, which allows him to perfectly catch a fielder’s throw by breaking his leg at first base. reports that Choi Ji-man recorded an on-base percentage and slugging percentage (OPS) of 0.764 during eight seasons in the big league, showing quite good batting skills, and despite struggling with Achilles tendon pain last year, he achieved top-tier results in the big league in terms of batting speed, true hit rate, and hard hit production rate. Analyzed that it was done.

At the same time, he highly evaluated Choi Ji-man’s bat skills as well as his defensive skills, which are recognized in the league, and predicted that Choi Ji-man will push out DJ Stewart and take over the big league roster.

If Choi Ji-man is not included in the big league roster at the end of this month, he can opt out of his contract through consultation with the club. also suggested that if the Mets want to keep both Ji-Man Choi and Stewart on the team, they can put Ji-Man Choi on the major league roster and send Stewart to the minor league.

If the talented Choi Ji-man can also serve as an atmosphere maker in the clubhouse, there seems to be no reason for the Mets to reject him.

Choi Ji-man must raise his batting average in exhibition games, which remains at 0.222 in the remaining period, to confirm his re-entry into the big league. 고스톱

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