Volleyball Association appoints national team coaches Ramirez for men’s team and Morales for women’s team

Doesn’t work for the club team, only focuses on the national team
Ramirez becomes the new head coach of the Korean men’s volleyball team.

The Korea Volleyball Association has decided to entrust the leadership of the men’s and women’s national teams to foreign leaders.

The Korea Volleyball Association said on the 18th, “Isanaye Ramirez (Brazil), the current Pakistan men’s national team coach, and Fernando Morales (Puerto Rico), the current Puerto Rico women’s national team coach, were appointed as leaders to lead the Korean men’s and women’s national volleyball teams until 2026.” informed.

Ramirez, the new men’s national team coach, is a young leader born in 1984.

He led the Pakistan national team and defeated the Korean national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall.

The association said, “Coach Ramirez has accumulated a lot of experience in international volleyball while serving as a coach for the Brazil, Bahrain, and Pakistan national teams. Professional analysis is his strength, and he also knows Korean players well,” adding, “He will improve the performance of Korean men’s volleyball to the next level.” He explained the background to his appointment, saying, “I evaluated him as a capable leader.” 메이저사이트

Coach Marco Queiroga from Brazil is assisting Coach Ramirez as the Korean national team coach.

Morales becomes the new head coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team.

Women’s coach Morales is also young, born in 1982.

The association said, “Coach Morales, who played as a setter with the Puerto Rico national team in various leagues, was promoted from coach to head coach immediately after the Puerto Rico women’s national team’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was canceled, and like Korea, Puerto Rico’s strength was weakened due to a generational change. “He was recognized for his leadership by raising the national team to 16th place in the current world rankings,” he said. “In particular, he performed well with 4 wins and 3 losses in the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers held last year.”

Coach Jejus Echeverria, who coached the Puerto Rico women’s national team with Coach Morales, will join as coach of the Korean women’s national team.

The ‘foreign head coach’ who led the Korean volleyball team has served as both club and national team coach.

Under the regime of former Korean women’s national team coach Cesar González, who concurrently served as the coach of a club team in Europe and only stayed in Korea for a short period of time, international competitiveness fell sharply, leading to criticism regarding ‘concurrent positions’.

The association said, “The newly appointed coaches of the men’s and women’s volleyball teams are full-time coaches and will focus only on the national team,” and “During periods other than the national team call-up, they will analyze domestic players, coach youth players, exchange with domestic leaders, and research international volleyball trends.” “We will engage in various activities for the development of Korean volleyball,” he emphasized. 토토사이트 추천

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