Hishal Song thought about retirement

Hishal Song, who considered extreme choice and retirement due to ‘depression’, has an interview with tears

Son Heung-min’s teammate and Brazilian national striker Hishalisson (Tottenham) confessed that he was agonizing over retirement and extreme choices due to depression.

In an interview with ‘ESPN Brazil’ on the 27th (local time), Hishalisson confessed that he endured a difficult time by shedding hot tears.

Hishalisson said he suffered from depression after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and tried to give up his footballer.

“I wanted to go back to my room rather than go to training (at the time),” he said. “I even told my father that I would give up everything.”

It was crazy to say ‘I want to give up everything’

“What I went through after the World Cup was ridiculous,” Hishalisson said. “It was crazy to go to my father, who followed his dream together, and say, ‘I want to give up everything’.”

Hishalisson scored three goals in four matches for Brazil during the Qatar World Cup, but the team was eliminated after a penalty shootout against Croatia in the quarterfinals.

Hishalisson, who wore the No. 9 uniform for the Brazil national team, explained that he was under a lot of pressure. In September last year, he was replaced in the second half of the A match against Bolivia and shed tears on the bench.

“I had a very turbulent time outside the stadium,” Hishalisson confessed at the time. He had a hard time saying goodbye to his long-time 토토사이트 agent due to money problems. In an interview with Brazilian media at the time, Hishalisson said, “All the people who are looking for my money have left.”

The psychotherapist saved me and my life

“I’m at my limit. I don’t want to talk about suicide, but I’m depressed and I wanted to give up,” Hishalisson said in tears.

“I felt like I was going to be mentally strong, but I felt like everything was falling apart after the World Cup,” he said. “The therapist came out and saved my life. I thought it was trash, and I searched only about death on portal sites.”

Fortunately, Hishalisson overcame difficulties through psychological treatment and announced his revival by scoring 10 league goals (4 assists) for Tottenham in the 2023-24 season of the EPL.

“If players need a psychologist, I want them to visit. It’s very important to open up and talk. It can save lives,” he said.

Tottenham club we will always be behind you!

In response to Hishalisson’s confession, Tottenham also sent a message of support, saying, “We will always be behind you.” The club encouraged Son by posting a photo of him hugging Hishalisson through SNS.

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