‘Captain SON laughs at the perfect resurrection’

“The player who will lead us to 4th place” Tottenham, is it a lottery ticket…”Signing him for 25 billion? No wonder”

Will we see a Timo Werner-Son Heung-min combo next season?

Global sports media outlet The Athletic reported on Aug. 8 (ET) that “Tottenham could make a £15 million move for Werner.

Werner joined Tottenham in the winter transfer window this season. At the time, Tottenham were looking to bolster their forward line and fill the void left by Son Heung-min’s departure for the Asian Cup, and they found Werner on the bench at RB Leipzig. Werner was also in need of playing time, so he didn’t turn down Spurs’ offer.

Werner said in his signing interview: “I’m happy to be here. I’ve joined a big club. I’ve already played against them. Playing against Tottenham was always an important game for me. I’m very happy to be part of this club.”

However, fans had more to worry about when Werner arrived at Spurs. He had frustrated everyone at Chelsea with some of the worst goal finishing at the club. At Chelsea, Werner had no real strengths other than his speed. His lack of threat to the opposition and his poor finishing left Chelsea fans bemoaning every game.

Immediately after the transfer was finalized, Werner’s introductory video was met with criticism, with many mocking his goal-scoring ability after he failed to point the finger correctly. In his first five games since joining the club, Werner scored a point, but his poor decision-making and movement quickly frustrated fans.

But with Son Heung-min’s encouragement, Werner’s resurgence has been nothing short of spectacular. In the last match against Crystal Palace, Werner blew a perfect scoring chance that Son Heung-min set up for him. Instead of criticizing him, Son approached him and encouraged him to play better. Werner was encouraged and scored the game-winning goal in the 32nd minute. After the game, Son Heung-min said, “Werner had a fantastic game and helped me a lot. As a striker, you can get depressed when you miss good chances. I told him in German to keep going,” Heung-min said, revealing how he supported Werner and helped him make a comeback.

With his spirits lifted, Werner followed up his performance against Nottingham Forest. Werner took a pass from Son Heung-min in the first half and sent in a cross that found the foot of defender Murillo and rattled the net to give the team the lead. The fans recognized the performance with a standing ovation when Werner was substituted in the 31st minute.

At this point, the question on the fans’ minds was whether Werner would be a permanent signing. Tottenham would reportedly have to pay £15 million to 토토사이트 buy Werner outright, who joined on loan this season. Athletic, unsurprisingly, insisted that Werner should be theirs.

The Athletic asks, ‘Can Werner be a useful rotation piece for an EPL team? The answer is definitely yes. The £15 million purchase option is undoubtedly good value in the current market. Werner has been playing a big role in the last few weeks, performing well enough to push Dejan Krzysztof Kuluczewski out of the side. ‘Enze Postecoglou has been tight-lipped about an outright transfer, but it’s hard to imagine Tottenham turning it down,’ he said.

‘Werner may not be the player to take them to the next level, but he is certainly good enough to be a useful rotation player. With a return to European competition on the horizon, Spurs need more depth in their squad. Is Werner a replacement for Harry Kane? No, he’s not. But is he a useful option for Spurs? Absolutely. He’s a player who has the influence to push Spurs to fourth place,” he said, arguing that Werner could have a positive impact on Spurs’ performance this season.

Meanwhile, captain Son Heung-min also expressed his desire for Werner to stay, saying, “I can say that I want him to stay.”

The duo have been a potent force in Tottenham’s attack and if they continue to perform as well as they have this season, it’s not out of the question that the duo could stay together until next season.

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