Maybe it’s because she’s a woman… Marley pushes the referee hard

A controversy is brewing over the behavior of a soccer senior in the Korean professional soccer league (K2) who argued with an opposing player and strongly criticized the referee who stopped him.

On the 15th, a post titled ‘Controversial K2 League Game Scene from Yesterday’ was posted on the online community ‘Bobae Dream’.

The author posted a photo of the K League 2 match between the Jeonnam Dragons and the Ansan Greeners on the 14th. 카지노사이트 After the two teams drew 1-1, the players got into a conflict in the second half of the match in stoppage time.

Jeonnam player Kim Yong-hwan pushed Ansan player Noh Kyung-ho, who was in possession of the ball at the time, from behind. Noh got up and made a disgruntled face, which prompted Kim Yong-hwan to angrily approach him.

Referee Park Se-jin, a woman at the time, tried to intervene between the two players to stop the fight.

However, Kim Yong-hwan grabbed the referee’s arm and pushed her away.

Referee Park started to stop the players again, and the situation was defused when players from Jeonnam and Ansan gathered around to stop the conflict.

On the 18th, the Korea Professional Football Association announced that it had taken activist political action against Kim Yong-hwan, who was banned from official K League matches for 14 days for using physical force against the referee during the game.

“It’s a direct ejection,” “You can’t push the referee’s body and be so rough in any case,” and “The players should be severely disciplined for their behavior.”

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