Seoul, Dubai build partnership for startup exchange and future mobility

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, center, poses with Abdulaziz Aljaziri, right, vice executive officer of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), and Lee Hae-woo, a chief of the Economic Policy Office at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, after Seoul and Dubai signed a business agreement at the DFF office in the United Arab Emirates, Wednesday. Yonhap

Seoul and Dubai have formed a partnership to promote exchanges of startups between the two cities. This initiative involves developing various exchange programs and providing a testbed for the new technologies of startups.According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Wednesday, the city government and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) signed a business agreement. The DFF is an institute established by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, to make the country one of the world’s best cities for the future. The foundation is committed to designing and implementing future projects across multiple sectors.

The city government has promised to excavate exchange programs for the mutual advancement of both cities’ startups. It will also actively participate in the DFF’s programs such as the Dubai Future Forum.In return, the foundation has promised to support Seoul’s startups through its startup fostering program. It will provide a place for technological demonstration using the foundation’s facilities to assess whether innovative technologies and services owned by startups in Seoul have marketability.The city government expressed hopes that startups and high-tech industries in Seoul such as AI, bio and fintech will grow with the support of the DFF’s investment and fostering programs. It also expects startups in Seoul can advance into the Middle East market and expand into 메이저 a larger overseas market as well.

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