Yeonseo Hwang wins the 4th round of the KLPGA Dream Tour

Hwang Yeonseo’s swing.

Hwang Yeon-seo won the 4th round of the Muan CC All For You Dream Tour of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) (total prize money of 70 million won).

Yeon-seo Hwang won the championship after an overtime match with Ji-yeon Shim on the final day of the tournament held at Muan Country Club (par 72) in Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 9th.

Yeon-seo Hwang and Ji-yeon Shim finished the second round with a total of 10 under par, 134 strokes, and went into overtime at the 18th hole (par 5).

Yeon-seo Hwang beat Shim Ji-yeon, who only made par, with a 7m birdie putt in overtime.

She advanced to the KLPGA Tour last year, but was unable to secure her seeding due to a back injury, and is playing in the Dream Tour this year.

Yeon-seo Hwang said, “I am disappointed because I suffered an injury last season and had difficulty adjusting to the regular tour course. Ahead of this season, I worked out a lot and prepared hard to prevent the injury from recurring. I want to win once more this year and move up to the KLPGA tour next year.” He said. 섯다

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