MBL is considering adopting an automated ball-strike system

Major League Baseball is considering adopting an automated ball-strike system (ABS) like the KBO, but it won’t happen until 2025.

“An automated ball-strike system could be seen in Major League Baseball at some point in the future,” MLB.com reported on Thursday. But it’s not likely to happen before 2025.”

Speaking after the owners’ meeting at Major League Baseball’s offices in downtown Manhattan, Rob Manfred, commissioner of baseball, said that the minor leagues’ pilot implementation of ABS will likely be delayed until at least 2026 because of some remaining issues. “We still have some technical issues. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the ABS technology itself, it’s just that there are technical issues with how we operate the system. 스포츠토토 We haven’t made as much progress in the minor leagues this year as we would have liked at this point in time. I think we’re moving further and further away from 2025,” he said.

“One thing we’ve learned from the ABS pilot from last year is that we need more time to figure out the best approach,” said Commissioner Manfred, who added, “I think we’re going to bring ABS to the majors in the same way we did the minors.” One of the problems with the ABS approach is that it doesn’t account for individual hitters.

One of the problems with the ABS approach is how to set the strike zone for individual batters.

It could be based on a batter’s height, or it could be a fixed strike zone based on the location of the camera system. Commissioner Manfred says, “I’m not sure anyone would be completely satisfied either way. “We haven’t even started talking to the players’ union because we haven’t decided what we’re going to use yet,” Manfred said.

The way ABS is judged is also a point of contention. In the KBO, the ABS makes a ball call on every pitch. In Major League Baseball, on the other hand, there is an active discussion of a system where the umpire makes the call and both teams have a set number of opportunities to appeal the video review (challenge) to the ABS and get the call overturned. Commissioner Manfred said the players favor the challenge method.

“We thought everyone would be in favor of it,” said Commissioner Manfred, “and it’s a great idea if it’s used appropriately every time. “What we learned from this meeting is that players think there would be a negative effect if the ABS called every ball. And they like the challenge method much better. So that’s definitely changed our thinking,” he said, suggesting that ABS could be introduced as a challenge.

MLB.com noted that “if ABS ruled every ball, it could affect catchers who excel at framing.” Commissioner Manfred said, “Players seem to feel that framing is one of the skills that makes a catcher’s game. If framing is no longer important, 토토사이트 추천 the players who fill the catcher position could be different. We could end up with a world that’s more obsessed with offensive catchers than defensive catchers. That’s career-changing for players, so it’s a real and legitimate concern that we need to think about before we jump off the bridge.”

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