“It won’t be easy even if Ferguson comes,” says Jung Mong Kyu Chung on difficulties in hiring a national team coach, “The most important virtue is ‘one-team’ leadership”

Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association (KFA), has cited “one-team” leadership as an essential requirement for the new national team coach, who is facing a tough selection process.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the ‘One Mind Football Competition’ hosted by the federation at the Korea Football Complex in Cheonan on Friday, Chung said, “In the end, the ability to create a team is the most important thing for (the national team coach). I think they (the coaching staff) will take care of the tactical part,” Chung said.

The national team’s top job has been vacant since the departure of former coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who was sacked in February after a poor showing at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. Since then, a power-packed committee headed by Chung Jeong-sung has considered a number of candidates, but no deal has been reached. More recently, 토토사이트 추천 Chung’s unexpected resignation caused controversy as he was said to be at odds with the federation’s top brass.

“I told the (National) Power Enhancement Committee not to talk (to me) in terms of ‘who will do it’ or ‘who will do it’. “I think it’s really difficult to define what we need,” he said, explaining that “it’s important to define what we want first, and then we’ll figure out the procedural justification.

Lee has since left for Europe to meet with foreign coaches on the shortlist for the next head coach. “I haven’t been informed yet,” Chung said of the national team’s selection. I believe it will be good, I heard that (Lee) is working hard,” he said, adding, “I think the public opinion will be 45% to 55% no matter who is chosen. I think it’s going to be 45% to 55% no matter who it is.” “It’s not going to be easy for (Manchester United) manager (Alex) Ferguson,” he said, suggesting that the recent rise in soccer enthusiasm has led to stricter standards for national team managers who are in the national spotlight.

The soccer tournament was held for members of the Korean Football Association, contractors Dongbu Construction and Cheonan City Hall, and reporters as the groundwork for the football center, which is scheduled to open next June, has been partially completed. Chung, who was born in 1962 and is 62 years old, also participated in the event as a player for the Korea Football Association, wearing a national team jersey, and walked around the field with the staff.

“There are a lot of articles about the national team manager these days, but I think I will have time to explain the process or procedure in detail once (the manager) is selected,” Chung said at the opening ceremony.

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