Sufia Girls’ High School captain Izihu “I’ll show you everything I’ve been training for”

Sufia Girls High School’s Lee Ji-hoo (168 cm, F) is ready for the weekend league.

The 2024 Korea Basketball Weekend League Regional Qualifiers kicked off on June 15, and the girls’ high school teams will be in full swing on June 6.

Gwangju Supia Girls’ High School, which is in Group C along with Onyang Girls’ High School, Cheongju Girls’ High School, and Hyosung Girls’ High School, is also preparing for the 스포츠토토사이트 Weekend League.

“We are doing afternoon workouts and night workouts ahead of the weekend league,” said Sufia Girls‘ captain Lee Ji-hoo. From Thursday to Tuesday of next week, we are also studying for exams. In fact, I’m working harder on my performance evaluation (laughs).”

When asked about his physical condition, he said, “I take a lot of vitamins and healthy food. I’ve also improved my physical condition through physical exercise. I’m training hard without any pain,” he said.

Due to injuries this season, Sufia High School only competed in the Association Championships in April (where they reached the semifinals), which was a disappointment for Lee.

“We had a lot of injuries since winter training,” she said. It was my first tournament, so I was a little out of sync with my hands and feet, but I learned a lot. When I was breaking through and a defender tried to steal the ball in front of me, I sometimes got caught off guard and lost it. It made me think a lot about my next move, such as lowering my stance and turning around,” she said, reflecting on the tournament.

“Personally, I didn’t play very well. I was thinking too much when I played, and I was nervous. I didn’t show what I practiced properly,” he said.

The team is determined to play with a different mindset this weekend. “As a team, we are paying a lot of attention to fastball and defense. On offense, we want to put our organization first. If I have an individual chance, I will definitely try to take advantage of it when I can,” he said.

Lee Ji-hoo said she usually receives advice from her coach Kim Myung-hee, who tells her to be more aggressive by sticking to the defense. “I need to broaden my horizons. I usually watch a lot of basketball videos, including U18 competitions. I also look up training videos and study them.”

“We didn’t play much in the first half of the season, but I think we had a lot of training time. We’re going to show everything we’ve been training without any injured players. We are aiming to advance to the King of Kings with an undefeated record. As captain, I’m determined to lead the team well, whether from the front or the back.”

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