Open Call for Cities to Host the 2023 LCK Summer Finals

League of Legends Champions Korea (CEO Oh Sang-heon,, “LCK”), organizer of the Korean professional league for League of Legends (LoL) esports, together with the Korea Esports Association (CEO Kim Young-man,, announced today that it is openly seeking host cities for the 2023 LCK Summer Finals in August.

Local governments interested in hosting the LCK Summer Finals must submit a letter of intent to the Korea Esports Association by February 17. The first batch of local governments to submit a letter of intent will be selected in March, and the host city will be announced by the end of March after a review process. For more information, please visit the Korean Esports Association website.

The winner of the Summer Finals typically secures a direct berth to the LoL World Championships, the most prestigious event in LoL esports, and is therefore more highly anticipated by fans than any other final.

In fact, the LCK successfully hosted the 2022 LCK Summer Finals at the Gangneung Arena in Gangneung City, Gangwon Province. It was the first time in the LCK’s history that the finals were held outside of the Seoul and Busan metropolitan areas, and the first time that the finals were held on the eve of the finals. The 2022 LCK Summer Finals was a huge success, with 10,000 spectators attending on Finals day and over 17,000 people attending the two-day FAN FESTA.

Seeing the potential in the success of Gangneung in 2022, the LCK decided to hold the Spring Finals in the Seoul metropolitan area and the Summer Finals in the provinces outside of the Seoul metropolitan area. To this end, the LCK, together with the Korea Esports Association, will be looking for municipalities that want to host the Summer Finals in 2023. This year’s LCK Summer Finals are scheduled for late August, around the same time as last year. However, the schedule will be stretched by one day due to the introduction of a double-elimination format for this season’s playoffs. The Loser’s Finals will be held on Saturday, followed by the Grand Finals on Sunday, along with a fan festival.

First held in 2012, the LCK is now in its 11th year and has established itself as the esports league with the most fans and viewers in South Korea. In addition, out of the 12 Rold Cups held since 2011, the LCK has made 11 appearances since 2012, winning seven titles and finishing as runner-up six times, an unrivaled record. As a testament to its stature, nearly 4 million people watch the LCK live every game day, with more than half of those viewers coming from overseas.

Ten LCK teams compete in the regular league, followed by six teams in the playoffs. The total prize pool is 400 million won, 카지노사이트 with a championship prize of 200 million won. It is the largest eSports league in Korea with 11 sponsors, including Woori Bank, BBQ, HP OMEN, Monster Energy, LG Ultra Gear, OP.GG, Jungwoo Pharmaceutical, Logitech, Secret Lab, CGV, and Tiffany.

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