Reeve Sandbox on a 3-game winning streak, the secret is faith and love

Reveal Sandbox continued Fazok’s three-game winning streak. In the second game of the ninth day of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split at Jonggak Roll Park on the 28th, they defeated Brion for the third time to move up to third place. ‘We started with a loss in the first set, but we used the second set as a springboard to win the third set.’

In a post-match interview, coach Yoo Sang-wook said, “I didn’t give the right picks to the players in the first and second sets. Nevertheless, the players played well and won. I’m very grateful,” he said. In response, ‘Closer’ said, “The manager and coaches do a good job with the ban picks. We just need to fix our play from there.”

Also, when asked about his chemistry with ‘Willer‘ Kim Jung-hyun, ‘Closer’ said, “We talk a lot, and I think we’re the perfect partners. We can only play the way we do because we have each other,” he said. This interview confirms that the three-game winning streak that exceeded expectations is the result of strong trust and affection between the manager, coach, and players.

Here is the full interview with coach Yoo Sang-wook and closer Lee Ju-hyun.

Q. How do you feel about your three-game winning streak?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: I’m happy to win on my birthday like this. I think we were very lucky. We will work even harder to continue our winning streak.

‘Closer’ : It’s good to continue the winning streak. I hope we can continue to win.

Q. Unlike the previous two matches, your start today was a bit shaky.

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: In the first and second sets, I didn’t give the right picks to the players, so I think that was a big part of my fault. It was a combination that we could play, but we were at a relative disadvantage. I was a little bit passive in terms of deciding the fight.

‘Closer’: Like the coach said, we were a little passive in the fight. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t make the bold plays that we could have.

Q. On the other hand, the third set felt like an easy win. What changes did you make?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: We tried to twist the composition as much as possible. We tried to pick a champion that we could play as well as possible, and I think it worked out well. In the case of Irelia, I picked her because I’m confident in Joo Hyun-i and believe that she will always bring an advantage in the lineup no matter who she plays.

Q. You took out Irelia after a long time.

‘Closer’: I wanted to play Irelia in a tournament again, and I think it worked out just as I thought it would.

Q. In Week 3, you will face Nongshim RedForce and Genji Esports.

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: We’ll prepare hard as usual. Nongshim didn’t play badly when they lost. I think they’ve gained a lot of confidence and experience from their win, so I think they’re a threat. However, I’m confident that we won’t lose if we prepare well. I think Genji is a good team with all the lines playing well, but if we don’t make any mistakes, we can win. Also, I want to win more because it’s Coach Ko ‘Score’ Dong-bin’s team.

Q. ‘Willer’ has been playing great. I’d like to hear about the background of his recruitment and whether you expected him to play this well.

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: We had several candidates, but the most important aspect of the test was his physicality and ability to engage in small groups. I thought Willer was the best player for that. I was a little nervous about his lack of experience, but I can see him getting more seasoned in scrimmages and competitions, so I’m looking forward to it. I think he’s physical enough that he’s not going to lose in a fight, so I think he can do a good job.

Q. How do you and Willer fit together as a mid-jungle duo?

‘Closer’: I talk to ‘Willer’ a lot, and I think we’re a perfect fit right now. We feel like we can play the way we do because we have each other, and we trust each other.

Q. What’s the last thing you want to say?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: I made some mistakes in terms of vantage points, but the players played so well that we won, so I’m very grateful to them. If we keep doing what we’re doing and keep working hard, there’s no team we can’t beat. I hope they continue to work hard.

‘Closer’ : Actually, I think the managers and coaches do a good job with Banpik, and from there, 한국야동 we just needed to fix our play.

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