Chuncheon Golf Association and The Players Golf Club Business Agreement

The Chuncheon City Golf Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and The Players Golf Club (hereinafter referred to as The Players) signed a business agreement for the citizens of Chuncheon on the 24th in the meeting room of the Chuncheon City Sports Hall and promised mutual growth.

Accordingly, ThePlace promised to provide Chuncheon citizens with convenient facilities, including a 30,000 won discount when using golf course facilities, and the Association will actively promote Chuncheon citizens to use ThePlace and actively cooperate with ThePlace to facilitate the provision of services.

Starting with The Place, the association plans to sign business agreements with golf courses in Chuncheon in turn, and is also planning to prepare a youth player development program.

“Local golfers will benefit from this agreement and have easy access to golf courses,” said Han Jeong-hoon, chairman of the association, “and we will become an association that cooperates with various golf courses in the region to help young players grow.”

General Manager Park Min-gyu said, “We are happy to sign an agreement with the local community,” and added, “We hope to create an environment where we can interact with the local community and develop each other.” 토토

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