Controversy over ’empty ball’ this time Oh Jae-won voluntarily quits as commentator

This time, ’empty ball’ controversy…Oh Jae-won, commentator self-exitsBaseball commentator Oh Jae-won, who sniped at ‘Korean Extraordinary’ Park Chan-ho, is in trouble again.During his commentary, he concluded that the junior pitcher threw a ‘beanball’ and then poured out partisan remarks.Oh eventually resigned as a commentator.A ball thrown by Samsung pitcher Yang Chang-seop in the seventh inning, when SSG led 13-7, is headed for Choi Jung’s body.”This is an open slap I hate this situation the most. I’m losing, I’m getting hit a lot, and I don’t need to apologize for this I was trying to be nice as soon as I threw it, but this was an open slap.”Oh Jae-won interpreted the situation as a “beanball” thrown to intentionally hit him.Yang Chang-seob posted on his personal social media that it wasn’t a beanball by quoting a Talmudic quote, and casinositeking Oh Jae-won responded in the same way, further escalating the controversy.Fans said, “Even if it’s an empty ball, you shouldn’t state your opinion as fact,” and criticized Oh Jae Won for doing the same to his junior, who last month said, “I hate ‘Korean Express’ so much,” and expressed how hurt he was by Park Chan Ho’s commentary.Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “I don’t understand why such a story is coming out,” while SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also dismissed the controversy, saying, “We don’t do that these days.”A day after his “empty ball remark,” Oh Jae-won was on the chopping block for his partisan remarks that seemed to have a grudge against Samsung.”I mentioned (SSG’s) Cho Sung-hoon because he pitched well in Tuesday’s game, so please pitch a winning game today and give us a sweep!”On the 10th, Oh Jae-won said, “Life is not easy,” and “I hope you come to a club with Seoul connections,” referring to a prospect who dreams of joining the NC.He stepped down from his position as a commentator three months after he started.

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