Choi Ji-man “I asked to run together as a joke”

Choi Ji-man “I asked to run together as a joke”

Kim Ha-seong “Expecting synergy”

At the end of July, Choi Ji-man and Kim Ha-seong,

who first met through Kang Jung-ho,

became colleagues in San Diego.

The casual joke of “I might be here in a week” became a reality.

Choi Ji-man

Choi Ji-man (32, San Diego Padres), wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform from July 25 to 27 (Korean time) and playing three consecutive games in San Diego,

appeared on YouTube run by ‘former big leaguer’ Kang Jeong-ho (36) and playfully ‘ I was expecting a ‘go to San Diego’.

Ha-seong Kim (27, San Diego), who was caught on the YouTube screen together,

laughed pleasantly at Ji-man Choi’s words.


In an interview that Marty Caswell, a reporter for San Diego local radio Sports 760, posted on his YouTube channel on the 5th,

Choi Ji-man said, “(Trade deadline) I talked about it like a joke a week ago, but it feels good to be a reality.”

The interview with Caswell was also accompanied by Kim Ha-seong.

Now the two are ‘San Diego teammates’.

Choi Ji-man was traded from Pittsburgh to San Diego on the 2nd,

the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League trade deadline.

At the same time, Kim Ha-seong had a ‘Korean teammate’. 바카라사이트

Choi Ji-man, wearing a Pittsburgh uniform in a match against the Cincinnati Reds on April 3 of this year,

started with Bae Ji-hwan, setting a record for the first time in the major leagues to start with a Korean batter.

Choi Ji-man and Bae Ji-hwan started a total of 5 games together in Pittsburgh.

When Choi Ji-man was traded from Pittsburgh to San Diego,

the Pittsburgh Korean duo disbanded and the San Diego Korean duo was born.

Choi Ji-man made his San Diego debut as the designated hitter number 7 in the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 5th.

Ha-seong Kim

Ha-seong Kim, considered San Diego’s best player in the 2023 season,

started as a second baseman for the first batter.

San Diego became the second big league team to start with a Korean beast.

Kim Ha-seong celebrated the birth of the San Diego Korean duo with 2 hits in 4 at-bats,

1 walk and 2 steals, and Choi Ji-man also got 2 walks (no hits in 1 at-bat) and scored 2 points, although he did not hit.


Before the game, Choi Ji-man and Kim Ha-seong had a ‘first accompanying interview’.

The two first met at the end of July.

During a three-game series between Pittsburgh and San Diego at Petco Park,

Kang Jung-ho invited Choi Ji-man and Kim Ha-seong, and the three ate together.

After a week, the news of Choi Ji-man’s trade was heard, and the two met again as teammates.

Choi Ji-man said, “I wasn’t close with Ha-seong,

but I was a Korean player who plays in the major leagues, so I got close quickly.” “he said.

Ha-seong Kim said, “It’s nice that a Korean player came.

I ate with Ji Ji-yi on the 4th (when there was no game),” and

hoped, “San Diego fans like Korean players.

I hope Ji Ji-yi feels it soon.”

In the actual game on the 5th, San Diego fans alternately shouted ‘Haseong Kim’ and ‘Jimyeon Choi’.

Ha-seong Kim and Ji-man Choi will work together for the rest of this season,

for San Diego to advance to the postseason.

Ha-seong Kim said, “San Diego recruited Jee Ji-yi to win” and built Choi Ji-man’s pride.

Choi Ji-man said, “I played the postseason every year (2019-2022, 4 consecutive seasons).

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