Man City Sign Gbardiol Establishment of 260 Billion Defense Line

Man City sign Gbardiol… Establishment of ‘260 Billion Central Defense Line’

Existing center backs Dias and Gbardiol, center back ransom 1st and 2nd

Man City

Manchester City (Man City), an English professional football team that won the treble (three crowns) last season,

recruited Yoshko Gbardiol (Croatia) to build the ‘most expensive central defensive line’.

Manchester City announced on the 5th (local time) that they had signed Gbardiol from Leipzig, Germany, through the club website.

Gbardiol played a stellar defense at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and contributed to Croatia’s third place finish.

His contract is for 5 years, and the transfer fee has not been disclosed by Man City,

but is known to be around 77 million pounds (approximately 128.3 billion won).

This is the second largest transfer fee for a football defender in history. 카지노사이트

When Harry Maguire transferred from Leicester City to Manchester United in 2019,

he recorded the highest paid defender with £ 80 million (133.3 billion won).

Manchester City have built the most expensive central defensive line in the world.

Huben Dias, who has been active as Manchester City’s main center back and is expected to play as the team’s main force in the 2023-2024 season, is estimated to be worth 80 million pounds (133.3 billion won),

the most expensive in the world, according to football statistics site Transfermarkt.


Here, Gbardiol, who boasted the second highest estimated ransom (75 million pounds, Transfermarkt), was embraced by Manchester City at a higher-than-expected transfer fee.

The combined ransom of Dias and Gbardiol is 157 million pounds, or 261.7 billion won in Korean money.

However, as Man City’s center back player base is thick and Gbardiol can play as a left fullback,

it is difficult to be sure that the Gbardiol-Dias center back line will operate as Man City’s main force in the future.

Born in 2002, the 21-year-old Gbardiol has drawn attention as a centre-back who combines stable defensive skills with precise passing.

Last Season

Last season, he recorded an average pass success rate of 89.3%, 1.4 interceptions and 6.9 contest wins per game in the Bundesliga.

Although the leagues are different, a simple comparison does not mean much, but overall,

it is not behind the numbers recorded by Dias in the Premier League (EPL).

Dias had a pass success rate of 92.7% last season, 0.8 interceptions, and 4.5 duel victories.

Gbardiol also has the ability to score.


One of his three official goals in his last season came against Manchester City in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Gbardiol is the second Manchester City signing from Croatia in the summer transfer window,

following midfielder Mateo Kovacic.

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