Women’s Soccer Avoided Quarterfinal Match

[Asian Games] Women’s Soccer Avoided Quarterfinal Match Between Korea and Japan…

Possibility of a Civil War in a Complex Confrontation

If Belho wins first place in the group, they will likely meet North Korea or Vietnam in the quarterfinals.

Which team will the women’s soccer team Belho,

who competed in the Hangzhou Asian Games, face in the quarterfinals?

According to the women’s soccer quarterfinals matchup published on the official website of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 21st,

Belho, competing in Group E, will face the second place in Group D or the first place in Group C when ranked first in Group E. 온라인카지노

Coach Colin Bell

The national team led by coach Colin Bell is likely to take first place due to its superior strength in Group E,

which is comprised of Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

In Group D, led by Asia’s powerhouse Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, and Bangladesh,

Vietnam is expected to take second place in the group.

Vietnam is a team that experienced the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals,

which closed on the 20th of last month.

Group C has only two teams, North Korea and Singapore, due to Cambodia’s sudden departure.

Although it is said to have disappeared from the international stage after the 2020 novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic,

North Korea, a traditional women’s soccer powerhouse, is expected to easily take first place in Group C.

There is a possibility that a North-South war will begin in the quarterfinals.

However, it is impossible to predict which team, Vietnam or North Korea, will clash in the quarterfinals.

This is because the process of confirming the quarterfinals of this tournament is complicated and requires considering a number of cases.

Currently, the tournament organizing committee has not disclosed the specific procedures

for selecting one of the second-place teams in Group D and first-place teams

in Group C through the website or game regulations.

Korea Football Ass

However, according to the matchmaking information obtained by the Korea Football Association,

excluding Group C, which has only two teams,

the first place in Groups A, B, D, and E will advance directly

to the quarterfinals regardless of the number of cases.

The winner of Group C, which is predicted to be North Korea,

will also receive a ticket to the quarterfinals.

However, it is flexible which team among the remaining group leaders will face off.

This is because the quarterfinals matchup for the 1st place team in Group C

will vary depending on the dynamics between the 2nd place teams in Groups A, B, D, and E.

2nd Place

The second-place teams from these four groups compete for the remaining three spots in the quarterfinals,

the top three teams are determined in the order of points – goal difference – most goals – fair play points.

In this competition, if the 2nd place team from any group is pushed out,

the 1st place team from Group C will take its place.

In order for the North-South game to take place, the second-place team in Groups A, B, and E must advance to the quarterfinals,

the second-place team in Group D must be eliminated due to points.

If the runner-up in Group D survives the competition among the remaining 2nd-place teams and receives a ticket to the quarterfinals, in any case,

Bellho’s opponent in the quarterfinals will be fixed as runner-up in Group D.

Naturally, the North-South game will be pushed back to the semifinals or later.

Originally, 17 teams were scheduled to compete in this competition.

Group League

Accordingly, the organizing committee divided the group league into five,

assigning three teams each to Groups A to C, and four teams each to Groups D and E.

However, with Cambodia’s sudden withdrawal,

there were four teams competing in Groups D and E,

which included Korea and Japan, but only two teams were placed in Group C.

It is presumed that this complicated method was adopted because it was necessary to select teams

that advance to the quarterfinals while maintaining the current group composition.

Before this complex matchup appeared, Bellho’s opponent in the quarterfinals was expected to be Japan,

which was certain to take first place in Group D.

Accordingly, on the 5th, coach Bell met with reporters while training at the National Team Training Center (NFC) in Paju, Gyeonggi Province,

said, “If we take first place in the group stage, we will face Japan,” and “I don’t understand.

Why do the top ranked teams have to face each other?

He expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, “I don’t know,”

but fortunately, the Korea-Japan match was pushed back.

Japan, which advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2023 Women’s World Cup,

is the strongest in Asia in terms of power, having defeated the champion Spain 4-0 in the group stage.

However, in this tournament, there were major changes to the World Cup and the squad.

A player who has experienced the World Cup stage is striker Ziva Lemina (Jeff United).

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