Gwangju, ‘Undefeated in 10 Games’ vs. Jeonbuk

Gwangju, ‘Undefeated in 10 Games’ vs. Jeonbuk, ‘Undefeated in 5 Games’… I Need a Win!

Gwangju chasing 2nd place and Jeonbuk trying to protect 6th place will face off on the 24th.

Gwangju FC, who have not lost in 10 games, and Jeonbuk Hyundai, who have not won in 5 games,

will face off in an unforgettable match to move up to a ‘higher ranking’.

Gwangju will play the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 round 31 home game

against Jeonbuk at Gwangju Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 24th.

The reason why this round 31 match is attracting the attention of fans is because of the current situation of the two teams.

Jeonbuk Hyundai

While Gwangju continues to be a ‘promoted team sensation’,

Jeonbuk, winner of the K-League 1 title 9 times, 스포츠토토

is struggling to get out of its slump and is showing no signs of rebound.

For this reason, both Gwangju, which wants to fuel its upward trend, and Jeonbuk,

which is desperate to escape its slump, desperately need a win.

As of the 30th round, 3rd place Gwangju has recorded 48 points,

putting pressure on 2nd place Pohang Steelers (56 points) by 8 points.

Gwangju, which finished last in K League 1 in 2021 and experienced relegation to the second division,

joined K League 1 this season by winning K League 2 last year.

Gwangju FC

Gwangju FC, led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo, accumulated points through bold attacking soccer at the beginning of the season,

but fell into a 7-game winless streak (3 draws and 4 losses) from the 8th to 14th rounds,

seemingly showing the ‘limitations of a promoted team.’

However, Gwangju is on a frightening upward trend, recording only one loss (9 wins, 6 draws)

during 16 games starting from the 15th round.

In the last 10 games, they achieved 5 wins and 5 draws, rising to 3rd place.

During the last 10 games undefeated, Gwangju scored 16 goals and only allowed 5 goals,

becoming a team that has forgotten defeat.

Goal Scorer

Although there is no special goal scorer, rifle units such as Asani (7 goals), Um Ji-seong,

Lee Kun-hee (4 goals), and Heo Yul (3 goals) harass the opponent,

the well-organized defense team has achieved no goals in the last 3 games.

We have become a team that will not collapse.

Gwangju accumulated 48 points through the 30th round,

reaching the highest number of points for a team in the first division since the team was founded.

Gwangju, with three games left until the split series (Finals A and B),

is even dreaming of participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) for the first time ever.

Since second-place Pohang went on an ACL away trip during the week, if Gwangju defeats Jeonbuk this weekend,

it can lay the foundation for further narrowing the point gap depending on Pohang’s win or loss against fourth-place Daegu FC (44 points) this weekend.

Difficult Enemy

Jeonbuk, which is facing ‘difficult enemy’ Gwangju, is not in a good mood.

They have 3 draws and 2 losses in the last 5 games.

So far, he has received a shabby report card of 3 goals and 6 conceded.

It was painful to lose 1-3 to Gangwon FC, ranked 11th and in the relegation zone, on the 16th.

6th place Jeonbuk (35 points) has won 43 points through the 30th round and is in a fierce battle for rankings with 5th place FC Seoul (51 points) and 7th place Incheon (35 points, 43 points).

They were behind Seoul in terms of goals, but ahead of Incheon in terms of goal difference.

Jeonbuk is at a disadvantage in the matchup as Seoul is scheduled to play 9th place Jeju United and Incheon is scheduled to play 11th place Gangwon in the 30th round.

In particular, Jeonbuk has played the first game of the Champion League group stage in the middle of the week,

so there is a physical burden on the starting players,

so this game against Gwangju is expected to be a crossroads in the ‘Final A’ success.

Gwangju and Jeonbuk are tight with 1 win and 1 loss in their two matches this season.

Both times the game was 2-0.

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