Women’s Volleyball Loses 1-3 to the Powerful United States

Women’s Volleyball Loses 1-3 to the Powerful United States… Canceled from participating in 4th consecutive Olympics

Following the game against Germany, the game against the United States was also close…

Women’s volleyball, which saw hope, virtually failed to participate in the Paris Olympics…

Even if you win the remaining games, you cannot advance to second place.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (36th in the world rankings)

unfortunately lost against the powerhouse United States (3rd),

which won the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and its dream of participating in the Olympics

for the fourth time in a row was virtually dashed.

Cesar Hernández González

Korea, led by coach Cesar Hernández González, lost to the United States

with a set score of 1-3 (25-20 17-25 19-25 17-25)

in the 4th game of Group C of the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers held in Łódź,

Poland on the 20th (Korean time). did. 바카라사이트

Korea seemed to be causing trouble by winning the first set against the United States,

which was aiming for its second consecutive Olympic title,

but lost the third set and swallowed its disappointment.

Korea, which lost to the United States following Italy (0-3), Poland (1-3),

Germany (2-3), ranked 5th out of 8 teams in Group C with 4 losses and 1 point.

With this loss, Korea actually missed out on a ticket to the Paris Olympics.

Even if the national team adds the maximum of 9 points in the remaining 3 games,

it cannot surpass 1st place Italy (4 wins, 12 points) and 2nd place USA (4 wins, 12 points).

Paris Olympics

A total of 12 teams will participate in the Paris Olympics,

the top two teams from Groups A to C of this tournament will receive a ticket to the Olympics.

Of the remaining six places, one will be decided by the host country, France,

the remaining five will be decided by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) world rankings.

It is very unlikely that Korea, ranked 36th in the world, will qualify for the Olympics based on its ranking.

Korea participated in three consecutive Olympics, including London 2012,

Rio de Janeiro 2016, and Tokyo 2020, and advanced to the semifinals twice,

but missed out on qualifying for the Paris Games and failed to participate in the Olympics for the fourth time in a row.

However, there is also income.

Korea, which had shown lethargic play in every recent international competition,

showed hope in this competition by performing on equal footing against powerful countries

such as Poland, Germany, and the United States.

National Team

The national team aims for its first win in this tournament against Colombia at 6:30 pm on the 22nd.

Korea won the first set after a close match.

The national team went ahead by one point at 19-19 with an attack by Lee Han-bi (Pepper Savings Bank),

then Seung-joo Pyo (IBK Industrial Bank) scored consecutive goals to take the lead to 22-19.

After giving up one point, the national team maintained a three-point lead thanks to Lee Han-bi’s goal, and then Pyo Seung-joo scored a golden goal at the end of a rally to liven things up.

Afterwards, Park Eun-jin (Cheong Kwan-jang) finished the match and succeeded in winning the first set.

Seungju Pyo performed well, scoring 7 points in the first set alone.

However, Korea was unable to overcome the power gap from the second set.

The United States, which had consolidated its ranks, unleashed a barrage of bombardment with its main gun, Thompson Jordan, and Korea was pushed back in the firepower battle and lost the initiative.

The 3rd set had a similar trend until the middle, but the team gave up and the 4th set was easily lost.

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