Michaelson “Expect More PGA Tour Players to Move to LIV”

Phil Michaelson (USA) predicts that there will be more cases of players from the U.S. Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour switching to LIV Golf.”A lot of players want to come to LIV,” he said, according to Golf Channel, a U.S. golf publication. “LIV players are happy to play golf and enjoy the many benefits of being on the tour.”Michaelson is preparing to compete in the LIV Golf Team Championships in Miami, Florida, starting on April 20.”A lot of players want to come to LIV,” he said, adding, “We have more players coming than we have spots open right now.”Launched last June, LIV Golf announced its full merger with the PGA Tour in June of this year after a year of hostile relations with the PGA Tour.

However, there has been no tangible follow-up since, and Golf Channel interpreted Michaelson’s comments as implying that “the uneasy truce between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf that was born out of the June framework agreement could be shaken up this off-season.”The PGA Tour has effectively kicked players who have competed in LIV Golf events off the Tour since LIV Golf’s launch.While the conflict between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf has subsided since the announcement of the merger in June, it’s possible that the relationship between the two organizations could flare up again if Michaelson’s prediction comes true and there are additional players moving from the PGA Tour to LIV.

“The original agreement in June included a provision that LIV Golf would stop signing players from other tours,” ESPN explained, “but that provision has since been removed from the agreement due to an antitrust ruling by the U.S. Department of 온라인카지노 Justice.”Recently, LIV Golf created four openings for the 2024 season based on this season’s performance.

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