Lee Kang-in back with gold Thanks to PSG

Foreshadows competition for starting job after quick adjustment
Ambition to “make a lot of fans”

South Korea national soccer team “God” Lee Kang-in has thanked his former club, French professional soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

PSG released an interview with Lee, who returned to the team with a gold medal, through the club’s official channel on Nov. 21 (KST).

Lee Kang-in

Had been away from PSG for about a month. He was away for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, followed by the A-match break in October.

Despite the short time away, Lee came back with a lot. He won a gold medal at the Asian Games. He

came back with a military exemption that could benefit not only him, but PSG as well.

The Asian Games are organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), so there

are no mandatory loan rules. Thanks to PSG’s consideration for Lee’s future, he was able to compete and win a gold medal and a military exemption.

Lee also came back with an upturn in form, scoring back-to-back goals against Tunisia and Vietnam in the

October A matches, including his debut goal.

“Paris gave me a great opportunity to go to the Asian Games, and my goal was gold, so I’m very happy

that I was able to bring home the gold medal, and now I’ll try to help the team and show a good performance in Paris again,” Lee said.

“I can’t wait to play, I came to a big club (like PSG) through a transfer this summer, and I want to compete

with the other players and show good form,” he said. “It was another challenge, but now I’m in good

shape and I’m ready to play, so I have a big desire to play.”

Lee had some injury issues prior to his call-up to the Asian Games.

In this regard, he said, “I got better after playing in the Asian Games and A-match, and I will get better in

the future. I’m ready,” he said, adding, “I don’t know if I’ll play or not, or how many minutes I’ll play, but if

I do, I’ll try to help the team as much as possible.” He also expressed his confidence in the competition.

He was also confident about the competition. “The country, my teammates, the coach, and the style of

play have changed. Many things are different from last year. I’m still adapting,” he said. “I want to adapt as quickly as possible and help the team with my good form.”

Lee has also become a PSG ambassador.

During the A-Match in October, many of his fans wore PSG jerseys and decorated the Seoul World Cup Stadium and Suwon World Cup Stadium.

“When I went to play the A match this time, many fans were wearing PSG jerseys, and I am grateful,” Lee

said, “I will do my best to play better so that there will be more (PSG) fans.”

Lee is expected to play in the league match against Strasbourg on Nov. 22. He was named in the squad

released hours before the game, increasing his chances of starting for the first time in almost two months since the Toulouse game in August. 19가이드03

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