Is this Your First Time Doing Teleportation Action? The Marvels three Heroes Wild Dropkick

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), who protects the galaxy with great power, is sensitive. 

This is because the leader of the Kree tribe, Darben (played by Jawe Ashton), is sharpening his sword of revenge towards himself. 

Captain Marvel was the one who blew up the Kree planet Hala a long time ago. 바카라사이트닷컴

Dar_Ben discovers a bangle similar to the one worn by Ms. Marvel (Iman Bellani). 

Dar_Ben created a time point that allows him to freely move wherever he wants with a bangle that has tremendous power. 

This is to provide Mother Nature to the planet Hala, which does not even have light, water, or air.

Captain Marvel, who was caring for several planets that were like her home alone, discovers a time point that emits powerful energy. 

This is on a planet already occupied by the Kree. 

After killing some of the Kree people, Captain Marvel becomes curious about mystical energy.

Monica Rambeau (Tiota Paris), who had missed Captain Marvel for a long time, gained superpowers. 

It is the power to manipulate light energy. 

In recognition of her superpowers, she worked on Nick Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) spaceship and discovered a time point that he had never seen before.

The moment Captain Marvel and Rambo touch the mysterious energy at the same time

Captain Marvel’s location changes to the Earth where Ms. Marvel was located

Ms. Marvel’s location changes to the universe where Rambo was located, and Rambo’s location changes to the planet where Captain Marvel was located.

While Captain Marvel has infiltrated the Kree base, each hero’s location changes each time they use energy, causing a series of bigger crises. 

Meanwhile, Darben, who gained great power, set the goal of destroying all the planets in the universe. 

Can the three heroes stop Darven?

This is the plot of ‘The Marbles’, which opens on the 8th. Although it is a sequel to the movie ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘The Marvels’, which includes Disney+’s ‘Wanda Vision’, ‘Ms Marvel’, and ‘Secret Invasion’, has greatly expanded the story and background. The number of heroes, as well as planets and races, has increased.

Captain Marvel, Rambo, and Ms. Marvel have a strange relationship. Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, a friend of Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel is a huge fan of Captain Marvel. The three heroes have something in common: they use light energy. The three people who realized the principle of location change formed a team called ‘The Marbles’.

The combination of the heavy leader Captain Marvel, the delicate Rambo, and the young and energetic Ms. Marvel is attractive. While the cheerful atmosphere is consistently maintained, the action colors are also clear. Ms. Marvel, who uses flashy movements, creates a spectacle, Captain Marvel subdues with force, and Rambo shows off his emotions. The strange drop kick that occurs every time the position changes relieves stress.

The action at the beginning, when you don’t know that the location is changing, is hectic, but after you understand the principles and put them together, a unique yet elegant instantaneous action takes place. This is a sum that was difficult to see in the previous MCU. It’s quite enjoyable to watch the action.

Villain Dar_Ben is full of narrative. The Kree stationed on the planet Hala were living without air, water, and light. The reason Dar_Ben steals air, water, and light while destroying other planets is for the survival of his people. Although the method is not correct, the reason for confronting Captain Marvel is fully understandable. An appropriate confrontation with Captain Marvel heightens the sense of urgency.

Prince Yan (played by Park Seo-joon), who was highly anticipated, took on the comical part. It provides quite a lot of laughs from the moment it appears. Park Seo-joon’s appearance seems to be popular internationally. Although it is short, the impact is significant.

This is a work where the directing skills of director Nia DaCosta, born in 1989, shine. The story unfolds quickly and is overall sensational. Do not artificially reveal your emotions. The overall emotions of the characters are restrained. The sophisticated style of a relatively young director is conveyed.

The cookie video is one. Looking at the big picture, ‘The Marvels’ is an episode that connects Captain Marvel with the multiverse universe. It is assumed that we will be able to see Captain Marvel in the multiverse in earnest in the sequel.

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