A Jo Jun-hee’s Training, Samsung’s Director Eun Hee-Seok Made Up his Mind

I will hold tight to Jo Jun-hee and nurture him!”

Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok made up his mind. The plan is to develop rookie Jo Jun-hee (19, 187.2 cm)

into the future of Samsung by putting him in real-life situations like a battlefield. 지울프-토토

Samsung selected Cho Jun-hee as the 4th pick in the first round in the rookie draft held prior to this season. 

The draft scene at the time was in an uproar over the nomination of Jo Jun-hee, an ordinary student who graduated from Cerritos University. 

It was such an unexpected pick. It was a choice that made the young and energetic Jo Jun-hee more attractive.

At the time, Coach Eun said, “Rather than immediately putting in all our effort

we will refine the physical aspects a little more and consult with various parts to find a direction for development.

However, there was a change in Director Eun’s training strategy. 

Coach Eun said ahead of the away game against DB on the 7th, “With Shin Dong-hyuk missing due to injury

Jo Jun-hee was brought in sooner than expected. 

He said, “He decided that one way to do this would be to teach weak areas (through actual combat) while putting in the training early.”

Immediately bring out Jo Jun-hee’s offensive power and utilize it, and make up for the lack of defense with tactics.

Coach Eun said, “In the case of (injured) Shin Dong-hyuk, he plays both offense and defense.

However, in the case of (Cho) Jun-hee, the offense is reliable, but the defense is a problem.

Even before the KT game, they gave 3 reverse cuts in a row. 

When Junhee plays, he tries to bring in players who can play defense as much as possible,” he explained.

I know it’s still not enough, but Coach Eun plans to continue using Jo Jun-hee.

He said, “Cho Jun-hee’s defensive weakness is clearly revealed. 

If she doesn’t improve, it will be a failed draft,” he said.

We are holding on tight to Jo Jun-hee and nurturing her. 

If (Cho) Jun-hee becomes more solid before Shin Dong-hyuk and Cha Min-seok return, the game management will also improve,” he said.

From a manager’s perspective, it is not easy to put players who are lacking in actual play. However, even in difficult situations, Director Eun decided to give Jo Jun-hee a growth accelerator called ‘practical combat.’

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