Kim Min-jae Can’t See the end of the Super March

Bayern Munich’s cruel history with center backs this season shows no sign of ending.

There has been a lot of concern about Munich due to injuries to its defenders since the beginning of this season.  먹튀검증사이트

Until just before the start of this season, Kim Min-jae, Dayot Upamecano, and Matthijs de Ligt were considered the starting players, while Benjamin Pavard, Josip Stanisic, etc.

were considered candidates, and it was expected that they would be able to form a good enough defense.

As the season began, the atmosphere changed. Pavard, who was not satisfied with his role as a substitute

transferred to Inter Milan, and Stanisic also went on loan to Leverkusen, leaving him without a backup defender. 

Nevertheless, there seemed to be no major problems as there were three world-class defenders

including Kim Min-jae, De Ligt, and Upamecano.

However, with the exception of Kim Min-jae, injuries were a problem for the rest of the players. 

Initially, Kim Min-jae was expected to play an active role as the starting center back along with Matthijs De Ligt. 

As the season began, De Ligt suffered an injury and was paired with Dayot Upamecano to take charge of central defense.

Recently, Upamecano and De Ligt have been injured alternately. 

De Ligt suffered a knee injury upon returning as a starter against Bochum in the 5th League, and later, as De Ligt prepared to return just before the international match period in October

Upamecano was injured again and left the team. 

In the last match against Saarbrücken, De Ligt was again replaced due to injury in the 24th minute of the first half

but fortunately Upamecano overcame the crisis by returning to the starting lineup ahead of the subsequent match against Dortmund. 

In the end, the situation continues where Kim Min-jae has no choice but to play without rest.

Meanwhile, Munich’s promising defender is also leaving for a long period of time, and if Upamecano gets injured again in the future, it seems that Munich will have to use only Kim Min-jae as a center back.

German media ‘Bavarian Football’ reported on the 7th (Korean time) that “Munich center back Tarek Buchmann could be absent until February 2024.”

Bavarian Football said: “Munich’s centre-back crisis is deepening as Buchmann undergoes surgery.

The news comes amid De Ligt’s ligament injury and Upamecano’s cautious return to action, according to the news.

He has torn his thigh muscle and will be out for several months after undergoing surgery.

Depending on the injury schedule, he will likely be out until February

he said, adding that Munich’s promising defender Buchmann will be out for a long period of time.

With Buchmann also suffering a long-term injury, the only center back resources that Munich can use right now are Kim Min-jae and Upamecano, who barely returned from the previous game.

The media said, “Kim Min-jae is the only senior centre-back to be fully fit for Munich in recent weeks.

All other options for the position left during the summer transfer window.

To make matters worse, Kim Min-jae will miss January due to an Asian Cup call-up, leaving The Lee.

Hetman or Buchman may not be ready to start the game by then,” he said

explaining that if the players do not return before Kim Min-jae leaves for the Asian Cup,

coach Tuchel may have to line up the defense with only Upamecano. .

Munich, who is entering a break after the December 19th schedule

is expected to continue to rely on Kim Min-jae in the defense until then, and if De Ligt and Buchmann’s return is delayed

coach Tuchel’s concerns about the defensive composition during the Asian Cup will increase. It seems to be getting deeper.

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