Its a Heavy snowfall in Munich Union Berlin match canceled

Have you ever seen Allianz Arena like this?

Allianz Arena, the home stadium of Bayern Munich, Germany, where Kim Min-jae’s team plays, gave off a mysterious light.

While the Bundesliga home game was canceled due to heavy snow falling on the ground, purple lights were turned on to create a soft atmosphere.

Bayern Munich was scheduled to play a home game in the 14th round of the 2023/24 German Bundesliga against Hertha Berlin at the Allianz Arena in Munich

Germany at 11:30 pm on the 2nd (Korean time), but suffered twists and turns as the game was canceled a few hours before the start due to heavy snow. 토토사이트

However, the match between the two teams was postponed for fan safety as heavy snow fell in the Munich area on the day of the game, with roads closed and traffic paralyzed.

Munich explained the reason for the postponement, saying, “The snow is not expected to stop until the evening of Saturday (2nd).

Even though the Ilianz Arena was ready to host the game, cancellation was inevitable due to safety risks and traffic conditions due to heavy snow.

He continued, “The snow falling from the roof of the Ilianz Arena poses an unpredictable danger to spectators, and it is almost impossible to get to the stadium.

Numerous buses and trains have been canceled, and many roads and highways have been completely closed.

Bild, a leading German newspaper , said “It was possible to bring the Allianz Arena into conditions where matches could be played until the afternoon

but cancellation was inevitable due to security risks and traffic conditions,” he said.

The access route to the stadium is an open space, but ice can form quickly due to the wind.

The walkway in front of the stadium is slightly uphill, so there is a risk of slipping here as well. 

We are also concerned about roof avalanches,” he said.

The newspaper added, “Munich police advise not to leave the house.

In this situation, there is no guarantee that the security personnel needed to proceed with the match will be able to come to the Allianz Arena.”

Bayern Munich will provide information about changes to the match schedule as soon as a new match date is agreed with the German Football League (DFL).

However, since Munich is currently competing in the UEFA Champions League, it is expected to be difficult to catch it soon.

It is highly likely that it will be played as a mid-week game in the second half of the schedule starting in mid-January next year.

“We are very sorry to have to postpone the match, but the safety of Union Berlin fans and supporters is our top priority

Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dressen said on his website. “With many roads closed and the majority of public transport suspended

the Ilianz Arena “Movement is not guaranteed,” he said, asking for fans’ understanding.

The Munich club provided a fan service by shining purple lights on the snow-covered ground for fans who could not come to the stadium.

On this day, Munich public transportation suspended operations until midnight local time.

Operations at Munich Airport have already been suspended due to heavy snow.

Of the 760 flights scheduled for the 2nd, about 320 were canceled. Rail traffic is also limited.

Berlin away fans will be able to return home in areas with less snow.

With the Berlin game canceled, Munich was given a long break.

Munich’s next game will be held about a week later, on the 9th, against Eintracht Frankfurt in the 14th round of the league.

Since the UEFA Champions League group stage was played against Copenhagen on the 30th of last month

there will be about 8 to 9 days of rest until the match against Frankfurt.

Postponed games may be assigned at a later date and the interval between games may be shortened, which may result in bad results, but it is good news for Kim Min-jae, who has recently been embroiled in rumors of overuse.

Kim Min-jae, who transferred from Naples in Italy’s Serie A to Bayern Munich in Germany’s Bundesliga this season, left as existing defenders Lucas Hernández and Benjamin Pavard moved to France’s PSG and Italy’s Inter Milan, respectively, and Dayot Upamecano and Matthijs Delicht suffered injuries. Since the opening game of the Bundesliga, he has been on a strong march, starting all 16 of Munich’s Bundesliga and Champions League games.

Among them, except for the Bundesliga opener against Werder Bremen and the second round home opener against Augsburg, he played full-time in 15 consecutive games until the most recent match against Cologne, and recently the German media has also been raising the theory of his mistreatment.

In particular, Kim Min-jae is suffering the aftereffects of overuse, such as collapsing heavily and complaining of pain while passing the ball with opposing striker Davy Zelke in the early half of the first half in the match against Cologne, which was played three days after the first and second rounds of the 2026 World Cup Asian 2nd qualifying round held in November. .

Minjae Kim himself says, “It’s better than not being able to play,” and he is thankful that he finds himself in many places. However, opinions are now growing that the team needs to reorganize itself for the second half of the race in Munich and for the national soccer team led by coach Jürgen Klinsmann to perform at the Asian Cup in Qatar next month.

Kim Min-jae, who had a hectic schedule, was excluded from the list in the match against Copenhagen on the 30th of last month, taking his first break since joining Munich.

At the time, Kim Min-jae was expected to miss the game as he did not attend team training held the day before the game. Afterwards, when Kim Min-jae was not included in the bench list against Copenhagen and was excluded from the list, Munich announced through the club’s official SNS that the reason Kim Min-jae was excluded from the list was due to a bruise on his hip.

By missing the Copenhagen match, Kim Min-jae’s record of consecutive full-time starts in Munich official games ended at 15 games. On this day, it was midfielder Leon Goretzka who played as a central defender in place of Munich’s starting center back Kim Min-jae. Despite being in an unfamiliar position, Goretzka performed well and achieved a scoreless score of 0-0.

Munich coach Thomas Tuchel, who attended the press conference after the Copenhagen game, spoke about the players who were absent due to injury, including Kim Min-jae. “Hopefully the injured Min-jae Kim and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting will be available for the weekend,” he said. “But we won’t find out until Friday.”

However, as Kim Min-jae was caught training with the ball in the snow, a sortie against Berlin was possible. A photo of Kim Min-jae training while it was snowing was posted on the club’s social media.

Kim Min-jae wore winter gear at the snowy training ground and then competed with Musiala for the ball. Coach Tuchel announced in a direct interview that Kim Min-jae is available for duty.

In a pre-match interview against Berlin, he said, “Chupomoting has been approved for training, Jamal Musiala will return,” and “Kim Min-jae can also play, and Nusair Mazraoui has also been approved. The training ground looked full.” The return of the injured was welcomed.

Regarding Goretzka, who played center back instead of Kim Min-jae during the game against Copenhagen, he said, “It cannot be overestimated. We moved Goretzka from central midfielder to center back in the last training, and he did very well.” He added, “Goretzka’s best position.” “He is in a position where he can run between boxes,” he said, explaining that Goretzka’s use of center back was a temporary measure.

Kim Min-jae was able to re-examine his condition through a two-week break after being forced to play full-time for 15 consecutive games.

Munich will now play an away game against Eintracht Frankfurt on the 9th and the 6th match of the Champions League group stage against Manchester United on the 13th. Afterwards, there are no games to be played with leisure until the Bundesliga match against Stuttgart on the 16th and Wolfsburg on the 19th.

After all four games are completed in the month of December, the Bundesliga will have a four-week winter break starting on December 20th. Because winter is so cold, each team takes a break through training camp to prepare for the second half of the year. But Kim Min-jae is an exception. This is because he will have to play for the national team once again at the Asian Cup, which will be held in Doha, Qatar, starting January 12th next year.

If Korea wins the Asian Cup as desired, it will play up to seven games until the final. He also has two evaluation matches with Middle Eastern teams ahead of the Asian Cup. In the end, he will play up to 21 games in just over 100 days until February 10th of next year. Even if he misses 1-2 games, a hard march is inevitable for Kim Min-jae, so the absence of the Berlin game following the Copenhagen game gave Kim Min-jae time to take a breather.

Fortunately, with the two-week break, both coach Tuchel and South Korea national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann were able to smile.

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