Its Social Adaptation Complete Reserve Sergeant Bombing Coats

Professional basketball star Heo Hoon, who returned from military service, is gaining popularity by leading his team KT’s upward trend with his outstanding performance upon his return.

Heo Hoon, who has averaged 18 points and 4.5 assists in 6 games since returning, quickly rose to the top spot in 3-point shooting, especially with his high-sensitivity 3-pointers that he shoots regardless of distance. 먹튀검증사이트

He is playing the role of a problem solver in every game, and in the KCC game yesterday (30th), which was his first meeting with his older brother Heo Woong in 1 year and 8 months, he led the victory by scoring 14 points in the third quarter alone, which was the highlight.

Heo Hoon, who is raising the team atmosphere with his unique cheerful energy,

[Heo Hoon/KT guard: The reason the (team) atmosphere is getting better is through me. I think I account for about 60-70% of it..] There is also an

adjustment period after being discharged from the military . He says it was thanks to his colleagues that he was able to quickly integrate into the team without any need.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: “Hoon, you do all the offense. We’ll do all the defense.” I feel very reassured that (coworkers) are saying these things… .]

Led by Heo Hoon’s performance, KT recently jumped to second place with four consecutive wins and began chasing the leading DB, and the home crowd doubled after Heo Hoon’s return.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: (What if the average number of spectators is 3,000?) (To fans) We will shoot ‘coffee trucks’. Wouldn’t you really like it then? Since it’s winter, a little warm fish cake soup… .]

‘Reserve Sergeant’ Heo Hoon, who has returned to his prime, is now determined to run in earnest towards KT’s first win since its founding.

[Heo Hoon/KT guard: I will show you good performance and always winning on the field, so I hope you will show as much interest as you do now.]

(Video coverage: Byeong-ju Lee, Video editing: Jong-tae Kim, Design: Seung-hyun Seo and Chan-hyuk Lim)

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