“It’s going to be fun this season.”

“It’s going to be fun this season.”

The 37-year-old junior borrowed the 42-year-old senior’s car and traveled from Incheon to Daejeon on Aug. 18. He picked up his uniform and posed for a photo shoot before spring training in Australia.

It’s amazing how people connect. A senior who was scheduled to retire suddenly decided to continue playing for the Hanwha Eagles. A senior and junior who played together in the SK Wyverns are playing for the same team after seven years. We’re talking about outfielders Lee Myung-ki (37) and Kim Kang-min (42).

The KBO League’s second round draft was held last November. Hanwha called up Kim Kang-min. He reached out to the veteran, who was set to retire. 카지노사이트 Everyone was surprised, including Lee Myung-gi.

“Kang-min gave up a lot at an age when his brother could have retired,” says Lee on the 18th at Hanbadang Gymnasium in Daejeon. I thought, ‘What would I have done in his situation? His passion for baseball is amazing. It’s very inspiring and motivating.”

Lee joined Hanwha in February of last year.

They have been doing personal training together in Incheon. “There’s a reason I’ve been playing for so long. His body feels really good when he trains. He’s really good at managing,” he said, praising his senior.

At SK, it was difficult to play five years ahead of him. I felt the five-year age difference. We became teammates again.

Besides Kim Kang-min, there was another old teammate. Catcher Lee Jae-won (36) also joined the team. Lee said, “Something unexpected happened. It feels good to be with my favorite players at the end of my career. I want to have fun, and I hope we can do well together, and I hope the team’s performance will improve.”

After a promising start to the 2023 season, 카지노사이트 추천 he was deactivated after three games. He injured his right ankle while running the bases. After surgery, rehabilitation, and training, he returned in October. His season ended after 11 games.

This is actually his first season with Hanwha.

“There are only a few days left to play baseball. I will prepare well so that I can play baseball better.”

Lee vowed.

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