“Because I can’t play…” A hard-fought but disappointing defeat. ‘Legendary MB’ Commander Troubled by MB

A legendary middle blocker who dominated the V-League in his prime. But now he’s holding a baton instead of a ball.

Samsung Fire lost the Dodram V League OK Financial Group match at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on Saturday with a set score of 1-3.

It was a head-to-head clash between the two teams led by Yosubani (39 points) and Leo (40 points). Late in the third set, Yosubani felt pain in his leg, and when his attack was blocked, he collapsed. On the other hand, Leo’s high-flying blows kept Samsung Fire 안전 토토사이트 on their toes, and they managed to pull out the win.

Samsung Fire‘s biggest problem is their middle blocker. It’s not easy for them to make effective blocks, let alone blocking. When Kim Jun-woo went down with an injury, it literally became a hole.

On this day, Samsung Fire coach Kim Sang-woo tried to find a breakthrough by starting with Jeon Jin-sun and Edi and using Kim Jung-yoon and Son Tae-hoon in a wide role. However, while the offense was successful, the blocking was disappointing. They lost the blocking battle 2-8.

Coach Kim Sang-woo said after the game, “It was good that we played the center attack with Lee Hogan instead of Noh Jae-wook, but the height was still a problem. Kim Jun-woo’s gap is still big, and our side blocker (Kim Woo-jin Kim Jung-ho) is also low in height. Our homework,” he sighed. “We made a lot of mistakes at important moments. It’s unfortunate because we could have done better on defense.”

“The most important things in men’s volleyball are serving and blocking, and we lost both. Especially our strength is serving. When we have fewer aces and fewer effective serves, it’s a lot of pressure.”

Regarding Kim Jung-yoon and Son Tae-hoon, who scored eight points each on the day, he said, “It was good that they showed some fast attacks, but the first task of a middle blocker is blocking. We need to do more,” he emphasized. Coach Kim Sang-woo said to Kim Jung-yoon several times during the match, “You attacked more on the leo side than on the fastball side. You should look right at that side,” he emphasized.

Nine games to go. I told them never to give up. I can’t play right now, so I’m trying to help my players play as a unit. I want them to have that kind of determination.”

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